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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walkin' Me and Walkin' Dogs

Yup.  I've been getting fit. . . watching what I eat (have you seen some of those tasty recipes over there to the right. . . oh. . . man. . . I miss all that yummy stuff!) and walking. . . walking. . . walking. . . My goal is to walk three to four times a week, three to four miles a day.  And you know what?  I'm doing it!  And so are the dogs. . .

That's Big Boy Jaz in the blue harness on the left and Constant Motion Zayda in the blue harness on the right. That's my thumb controling the leashes. . .

And we're getting ready for a scenic mile on Chanute's newest hiking/biking trail.

The 'top' of the trail, so to speak. . .

Having walking companions does help to keep me motivated, and knowing that it's good for them too keeps me even more motivated.  I mean. . . not only am I doing something good for me, I'm also being a responsible dog owner.  How about that?

Keep moving!

Don't want to end up like that car. . .

The trail is great as it's paved and the scenery is a nice change from the views in town

Before you know it, you're near the end of the trail

And it's time to turn around and head back to the 'top'

It's pretty cool how far away from town you feel - even though it's actually just on the other side of those trees. . . See it?

But who's looking for town. . . the  'country' views are so much better. . .

Listening to some foot tapping music is a great way to keep the motivation and momentum up

And, before you're ready. . . you've reached the trail's end and it's time to hike it on home.

Have a Walkin' kind of day ~

Robin Z

P.S.  Aren't camera phones amazing???

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