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Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling for Autumn

I have a confession to make. . . Autumn is not my favorite season and Halloween is not in my top ten favorite holidays. . . BUT - I do enjoy seeing nature's way of decorating and like working those golden colors into my own home's seasonal decorations.

To help you overlook my down-Falls (that's a pun - did you get it?) how about a tour of Mother Nature's decorations. . . and mine?

These photos were taken during our weekend trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Red to yellow and every shade of orange and gold in-between. . .

And back at home. . .

I like to add touches of the same Autumn colors around a few Halloween decorations

Just a strategically placed 'trinket' here and there adds the right amount of festivity

My kids have each worn this hat at one time or another. . . makes me smile

Then, when the Spook Season has passed, I'm ready for Thanksgiving in just a few quick switches. . .

Like this cute little triple-pumpkin that says Trick-or-Treat on one side and is a solid pumpkin on the other

And speaking of pumpkins, did you notice that many of my Autumn adornments are pumpkins?

I especially like the look of these little resin pumpkins with metal leaves displayed on my 'tower'

And my favorite place to decorate of all - the dining room table.

The same idea goes for outside as well

And, keeping with the seasons, the front porch, with the various chrysanthemums and lovely metal-carved pumpkin, blend nicely with the changing of the guard

Oh, in case you are wondering. . . I've been acquiring my collection of Autumn and Halloween decorations over the years from a variety of places. . . The Feathered Nest, Jody's Attic, Celebrating Home (thanks to Missy) all in Chanute, KS.  The beautiful chrystanthemums came from Hans Floral in Chanute, KS as well. The candle rings and ivy garlands came from Winfield House in Lawrence.  Great treasures are everywhere!

Have an All Fall-ly kind of day ~

Robin Z

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