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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Positively Floored. . .

This is a story of before and after. . . we all love those, right?  Let's make like the Star Wars series, start in the middle, go back to the beginning, then end in the end - my favorite way to tell remodeling stories.  So, get comfortable and enjoy the show:-)  Oh, the plot?  No R2D2 or light sabers. . . but wood, baby.  It's all about conquering the carpet and allowing the wood to take over. . .

First things first, we had to get everything

off the carpet of the living. . .well. . except for those things we couldn't fit such as J-girl's piano, Grandpa Fred's trunk (behind me in the picture), and the awesome couch.

Then the workmen peeled back the first section of carpet

And the carpet pad

To get down to the original wood floors of our 1930's American Craftsman (drum roll, please)

And time to cover it back up.  First with the pink rosen paper

Then, choosing from the pile of pre-cut multi-lengthed wood planks,

The new wood floor begins

A saw, brad gun, and a couple fellas keep the process rolling

It's always interesting getting down to the 'bones' of an old house.  I KNEW there was a built-in bench along the stairway wall at one time - see the marks?

Creative cutting of the carpet and shuffling of the heavy furniture keeps things out of the way, and shows a bit of the old, the 'was', and the 'gonna be'

Almost there. . . .

So, before the great *AFTER* reveal - what did the living room look like *BEFORE*?

And now - the official *AFTER*

It took us longer to choose the floor from Caldwell's Flooring in Chanute, KS, than the five days it took to complete it from the time the first thing was moved out of the room until the last detail was put back in.  Not bad, eh?

Have a Transforming kind of day ~

Robin Z

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