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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nature of Technology

So happy that I finally have winter-hardy pansies. I always thought they were a myth. . . out of all the pansies I have bought and planted in the fall (versus the spring) with the promise that they'll last through the winter. 

Well, I finally don't feel lied to. It's kinda like catching the Tooth Fairy putting money under your pillow or seeing Santa slide down the chimney - I BELIEVE!!!

And while I was out enjoying the sunny and warmish temperatures, I noticed several other plants still 'doing their thing'.  Just take a look at this parsley!

It's in a barrel, by the back porch on the south side of the house. I think it actually looks better now than it did this summer.

And the oregano?

How pretty is that?

I dumped some of my pots over into the barrels on the back patio -dirt, plants, and all - for the winter. . . and geesh! The flowering kale is still going strong!

Wish my electronics world was holding up its end of the bargain like my various plants outside. . . my new car

keeps dialing my father-in-law no matter what I tell it. . . At least I figured out how to load the CD player and open and close the sun roof. Yes. And the trunk, you smarty pants, you.

At work, for some reason, people cannot seem to e-mail me (I really don't see the problem with that, actually. hehehe). . . my printer doesn't want to print anything that's a pdf file. . . And my phone has become a recluse and won't bluetooth or even tolerate being tethered with a USB cord.

Don't worry - everything else on my phone is working. Who could live with a phone that won't text or Google or play Angry Birds or. . . . oh yeah, allow you to talk to someone.

I did show the phone who's boss and got my needed pictures moved to my computer via the wild blue yonder air waves. BTW - the pic you see of my phone? Yeah, taken with my camera which is quite friendly with my computer:-) LOVE my camera and it loves me. . . Would love to show you a pic of it, but that would require another go-around with the phone. No can do.

In the end, it seems to all balance out. . . nature vs. technology, just like my kitty, Fritzie, in a heated bed.

Have a Naturally-Techy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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