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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homefelt Easter All the Way

When people ask if we celebrate Easter - I give them a Big Grin and say we celebrate Easter the way most people celebrate Christmas. . . It's an all weekend celebration with lots of family, fun, and food!

Nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, kids, parents, (and this year) Hubster will all start arriving Friday afternoon with the last ones leaving Monday morning. The invitations read: "Come when you can and stay as long as you like."

I'm sure you've already seen what kind of menu we like to plan if you've read my last blog (Feasting It Up For Easter). That's just for the three-day weekend. . . I decorate the house - sans a tree as in Christmas - a month in advance.

With touches of colorful spring all through the house. Don't you just love those mercury glass birds from Crate and Barrel and eggs from World Market that are mixed in with a few remaining Christmas ornaments (that were just too shiny and beautiful to pack away)?

I know my house tends to have a rather 'spring-y' look year-round as I collect birds, nests, bird cages, eggs. . .

But for Easter, I bring out a few chicks;

some bunny ears like these left over from one of the kids' Halloween costumes from 'long ago';

and these newer ones crafted by one of Hubster's sisters.

Of course, you can't decorate for Easter without LOTS of bunnies like these from Pier 1;

and these sweeties from one of my favorite gift shops in town, The Feathered Nest;

and how about these cool vintage-look plates from my favorite Lawrence, KS store, Winfield House?

Or this sweet girl bunny with her flower, also from Winfield House. . .

These are my favorite pair of bunnies. . . J-girl wore these Avon bunny-slippers when she was a wee-little girl about 20 years ago. . . They bring a smile to my face and my heart ♥

Have a couple of those lanterns and candle hurricanes that are so popular right now? I have several from Celebrating Home and I love putting more than just candles in them.  I filled the ones hanging on my front porch with bright colored plastic eggs (the first photo way ^ up there in the beginning of this post).  This cool one is full of vintage-y painted eggs, along with some tiny painted glass eggs, and little fuzzy chicks.

While I use this more oval-shaped one hanging on the stand as more of a display 'case'

for a very special hand-carved Easter decoration by Jim Shore that I've had for quite a few years. I found it in a flower and gift shop in Leoti, Kansas while visiting Hubster's family one summer.

Me, being me, can't help but add a general sprinkling of Easter Eggs here

and there

and darn near everywhere. . .

No matter how you celebrate Easter weekend, whether with family and friends for one hour or all weekend, or by yourself in quiet contemplation of spring. . . may every little bunny

be peaceful, joyful, and full of love.

Have an Easter kind of day ~

Robin Z

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