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Monday, April 2, 2012

Feasting It Up For Easter

My favorite holiday of the year is now just a few days away - Easter!  The house is all decorated (look for the 'tour' later this week) and it's time to start planning the weekend's menu, go grocery shopping, and start chopping, slicing, dicing, mixing, baking, cooking. . .

Our version of Easter is more aptly called Feaster Easter Weekend.  It's, essentially, a 3-night, 2-day event that Hubster and I host, wherever we may be living, for ALL of our family members. It's a great time for everyone to get together, catch up, have fun, and. . . of course - EAT!

There's always lots of snacking. What with Crab Rangoon,

Tex-Mex Corn Dip, and Veggie Pizza

around - how could you not do some munching?

Oh, and of course there most certainly could be Sugar Cookies,

and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

around for your sweet tooth, too.

Nope - we don't back off breakfast, either. . . Regardless of which morning you are here (it doesn't matter if you're hungry or not) you can have Bromfastboli,

or maybe something a little lighter (ha!) like Belgian Bacon Waffles.

And meals? You better believe it!

We do supper up big Saturday night with something like Pork Columbo.

Tame that spicy dish off with some Chocolate-Cinnamon Cake

for dessert and you have people going back for seconds. . . and thirds. . . until there's nothing left! 

Some years we've gone the more Italian route for our Saturday night meal.  How about some Manicotti

with Key-Lime Pie for dessert? Oh yeah!

Now, I know you're worried. . .you're thinking: "If that's what you eat on Saturday - then what's left for The Easter Meal itself?" Pshaw - we've got that covered!

We start off with prime rib (sorry. . . Hubster's secret recipe - he won't share), then we top it (literally - there's no room on the plate with the way Hubster slices) with something like Hash Brown Casserole or Cheesy Potato Sticks (oops! Looks like I need to share those with you), Brussels Sprouts Divine and maybe side it with a Fruit Summer Salad

Dessert is *always* and forever Cheesecake- ksyardbird Style:-)

Of course, there's such things as Deviled Eggs, Biscuits,

and Booze Cake (will have to share that recipe with you too) and whatever other goodies (like those pretty darned cute cupcakes) people bring for those who *need* a little more. . .

Can't leave out the cocktails and mocktails!

What's Easter without a fresh-minty Mojito?

Or Bourbon Slush Punch?

Or maybe some Mulled Apple Juice?

Leftovers? I wish!

Have a Feasting kind of day ~

Robin Z

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