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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Trick (Sort of) from an Old Dog

Oh! The things we humans can learn from our pets. . .

Recently, my Zayda doggie

got an 'ouch!' on her leg. We doctored it, and cared for it, and finally had to go to extreme measures - The Cone of Shame.

I was expecting her to cower in the corner, not want to be seen in public, or just plain be depressed and humiliated.  Boy! Was I wrong!

She didn't give one care about that thing about her neck

and even developed a swagger to her step that made the cone rock back and forth as she moved (wish I could have 'grabbed' that on video. . . ).

As she had to wear the cone for nearly a week, and her great attitude never waning - we ended up calling it her Queen Crown. Seriously - when her wound was healed enough to remove the plastic guard, I think she was disappointed.

Then again, because Zayda is how she is, the disappoint was brief and she went on her merry way - without her special crown swagger.

At a time when you would expect her to be down, I mean, she already is uncomfortable with her injury, you would think the extremely noticeable (and not necessarily in a good way) Cone would get her down. But it did just the opposite.

She wore her Crown with pride as though to say: "See how much my owner loves and cares for me?"

Definitely a thought process I can use in my life on a daily basis, how about you?

Have a Queen Crown kind of day ~

Robin Z

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