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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time for *BLING*

So what the heck have I been up to in the ksyardbird jewelry studio? Well. . . Take a look!

Earrings have been a passion - perfect-for-the bride pearls. . .

or for those days when you just feel like a bride. . .


And just for fun, some aquamarine, labradorite, and pearls with sterling silver hearts.
Or, big black hoops with creamy mother-of-pearl beads and sweet heart-shaped black leaves.
Don't you just love these wire-wrapped amethysts. . .
AND these faceted amethysts?
Which will you choose to BLING those pretty ears of yours?
I was especially honored to have this pair of pebble earrings with brass leaves
featured in an Etsy Treasury recently. I'm So Proud!
Now - check out this custom Bridal Set of pearls AND amethysts brought together in a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Kinda make you want to get married (again) don't they?

And I've been having a GREAT time creating these mixed-stone and bead necklaces. This one shows off pearls, aquamarine, agate, smoky topaz;

And this one with pearls, white agates, and rainbow moonstone is my favorite. In fact - I'm wearing it right now and calling it my own:-)
Know what's really great about these 'necklaces'? They are the perfect length for you to wear them as a single strand, a double strand -

or wrap it two, three, four. . . FIVE times for a GREAT bracelet!

Pearls, smoky topaz, jasper, aventurine, silver. . . crystals - and more!

Here's a lovely set I created for a Mom, complete with removable charms and complementing earrings. More pearls, aquamarine, mother-of-pearl, and so many other pretty stones!

And what happens to all those extra and errant beads left on my work board? I gather them up and string them together for Patchwork Bracelets - how cool is that?

Pearls, hematite, crystals, silver, agate. . .

glass, mother-of-pearl, labradorite. . . and so many other beautiful beads brought together for a work of art for your wrist. As an extra bonus - my workboard gets cleared off AND you get some Bling!

Sometimes there are charms laying around just patiently waiting for their turn to be Blingful. . .


Rings? Oh yeah! I'm always sure to have great vintage rings in the studio. Most recently, I chose nothing but the most fun buttons

and bright colors

to celebrate summer. . .

Calling them my Beach Ring series.

Want to see more? Check out the ksyardbird shop on Etsy and the 'Sneak Peek' album on Facebook. Hint - ksyardbird FB followers are eligible for free shipping on Etsy and get to take advantage of the Sneak Peek discount through Facebook. Look me up, follow me, and message me for details.

All this talk about bling has me distracted with inspiration and creative urges. . . Time to get back into the studio and make more BLING!

Have a Bling-ful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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