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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Orange You Glad???

Knock! Knock!

(You're supposed to say 'Who's There'?)


(Orange Who?)

Orange you glad I didn't say squirrel???

Maybe I did. . .
A picture is worth 1,000 words. . .

Especially if one of the words is 'squirrel'. . .

and another is 'orange'. . .

I have this big ol' walnut tree right outside my Studio window - and the squirrels L-O-V-E it! It helps that I have two squirrel feeders I keep filled with corn and nuts (they don't even mind when I fill it up with walnuts off the ground - LOL!) and another feeder where I put fruit and bread pieces from my kitchen.

This 'feeder' is actually an old metal colander in a metal plant hanger. So fun to watch the squirrels hang on to it. or swing around in it. They also seem to have 'radar' and know precisely when I put any special treats in this hanging feeder.

They especially like oranges. Like this little guy:

Literally, within seconds of putting the cut up orange in the colander there were FIVE squirrels fighting to get the first wedge. Within about a minute, only three squirrels were left. One perched on top of one of the box feeders; another went on up into the tree. And then there was this fuzzy-tailed squirrel.

I especially liked how he used his little handlike-paws to hold and manipulate the orange piece.

Dontcha kind want to make him wash his 'hands'? Sticky sticky!

But he sure is having fun.

And why am I so sure it's a boy-squirrel and not a girl-squirrel.

Kinda nutty. . .

Have an Orange-tastic kind of day -

Robin Z

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