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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling into Winter

I LOVE Spring. I ADORE Summer. I like Fall except that it reminds me that summer is fading and winter is soon to hit. I dislike winter - so cold and dark. But necessary. I get that. . .

I LOVE to piddle around in my yard during the warm months. Not doing anything serious, water plants, eat the sweet grape tomatoes growing in my whiskey barrels, clean the filter in my patio fountain, take photos (especially with my new camera - thanks to Hubster!)

My garden handtools hang on the rake head that's all hidden behind a a vintage wooden greenhouse tray/flat to protect them from the weather.  I LOVE how I can use the tray to carry whatever I need to do whatever it is I'm piddling on. And I LOVE how my tools hang here waiting for their next chore, their next adventure.

This year, I got a bit of a late start on piddling and yard-adventures due to The MisStep. . . Some pots just didn't get filled with flowers

Weeds didn't get pulled

And a few of my favorite outside-treasures seemed forgotten in a corner of the yard. I disliked not being able to do all the things I usually did as-soon-as-it-was-warm-enough to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

But, despite the neglect, my gardens

- and not just the weeds - bloomed their little hearts out

under the watchful eye of bird girl.

This self-motivation and perseverance seen in my gardens made me realize that we all can bloom and grow in beautiful ways even under the most adverse of conditions.

But, a little taming, a little control, a little less chaos can be very good for the soul. . .

Whether it be fences to contain us. . .

Or dreaming of bigger wheels to get us farther.

The world is as big as we allow it to be.

Despite the season we enjoy most, despite the season we may be in our life, we can choose to share it and go through it with those that are like-minded (even if they turn our back on us. . . like Zayda is to Jaz in this photo.

But sometimes we just must go it alone. . . . 

With ears perked, ready for action, taking a rest from the world (and action) when we can.

Many times we gotta just let things flow. . . not get us down, stay bright. . .

Stay perched and ready to fly once the sky clears, the air warms and conditions are right to allow our heart, and soul to soar

Even though I LOVE summer and am not fond of winter, I see the need to have those few cold months to allow me to curl up in my cocoon, rejuvenate, drain my batteries that have been charged by the warming sun. . .

All the better for me to really recharge, come to life and appreciate the birds chirping, flowers blooming, the sun in my eyes and on bare arms. Spring & Summer bring me to life, Fall & Winter encourage me to enjoy my favorite months of the year to the fullest.

Have a Best Season of Your Life Kind of Day -

Robin Z

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