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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reaching For The Gold Ring

I've had so many people tell me how much they Really-Really like my button rings but wished Iwould use gold-toned wire. . . when I placed my last supply order (you should have been here when I opened the box - just like Christmas!  I really went overboard on the pearls, as well - Gorgeous!) I made sure to include some golden wire.

Then I got sidetracked with this and that and the other, such us updating all my photos in my ksyardbird shop on Etsy.  And listing a few more things. . .

Today, I pulled out the wire, selected a few buttons and ~

I like the kind of scoop in this button - kind of a little teeny-tiny crystally glass bowl on your finger. 


This button is one of the more unique buttons I've ever used for a ring.  They came off a coat (I think) from the late 1940's.  I just thought they were so crazy awesome, but never had a project for them.  Finally, at least 10 years since I originally clipped and stashed them, I have a great way to make them an object of desire as they should be.  I LOVE it's layered look and am pleased at how sturdy the overall ring came out.

Oooooh. . . . Isn't this antique glass button in black stunning with the gold wire?  Phenom!

It's rather hard to tell in this photo, but this vintage German button is the softest hue of violet.  So special with it's flowery designs and bit of a larger size.

Straight forward and all glassy and vintage-y - no doubt about it!  Very striking and I like it!  I like it a LOT!

They'll make their way into my ksyardbird shop on Etsy soon - so be watching!   Oh, and those pearls???

Have a Golden kind of day ~

Robin Z

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