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Monday, August 9, 2010

Smelling Oh-So Good, Naturally

Remember that day that Mrs. B and I went on our adventure to the Lillie's Quilt Shop in Independence, Kansas?   What a fun time we had!  On our way to find some tasty lunch, Mrs. B took me to her husband's favorite shop ("When Mr. B buys me a gift, it comes from here,"  Mrs. B told me) and I could see instantly why he likes the shop so well!  Lucky Mrs. B:-)

Magnolia Health and Home  was a delight to the senses - beautifully arranged and decorated and smelled-oh-so-good!  We met Brian Hight, (he and Ryan McDiarmid make up the creative team of Magnolia) who most graciously answered all of our questions as well as introduced us to their newest team member.

The team began their candle-making venture in college when they made some for Christmast gifts.  They enjoyed the process as much as their recipients enjoyed their gifts and, lucky for Independence, Magnolia Health and Home came to be a few years later.

Brian and Ryan continue to handpour their own soy candles, create lotions, home fragrance products and so much more. . . All in their back room! 100% soy wax from the USA, cotton wicking, and reusable glass containers make up their clean burning and great smelling candles.

There were so many soy candle fragrances to smell - our noses were getting dizzy! Some of our favorites included Lavendar, Orange Vanilla, and, my ultimate favorite, Cinnamon. Some of the most unique included Campfire -a fragrance that seriously smelled woodsy and smoky - just like a campfire.

Some of our favorite body fragrances included Coconut Cream Pie (made Ms. B hungry), Sweet Orange (made me swoon), and Butt Naked (the name made us both giggle and the fragrance had us going 'yum yum').

And not only were there all kinds of body products and candles to smell - there were lovely-lovely herbs, teas, and essential oils.  Amazing!

With so much to choose from, the product choices as varied as the fragrances, my purchasing abilities were simply overwhelmed.  I have not stopped thinking about the Magnolia shop and am most definitely planning on buying some hand cream, tea, and a candle or two on my return.  Or I may just order from their website. . . Better yet - I'll do both!

Have a Smell Good kind of day ~

Robin Z

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    Hi Robin,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! We're glad you enjoyed your visit in Independence.


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