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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blinging in the New Year

It's been awhile since I offered any peeks of my latest jewelry creations. . . of course, if you are a Facebook follower, all of this will be 'old news.'  Then again. . . maybe not :-)

The ksyardbird Studio worktable

has gone from clear to piled

in a matter of minutes

 many times

over the past few months. 

Multiple supply orders

 with pendants, and buttons, and semi-precious beads and birthstone beads and. . . and . . (just about anything else you could think of) kept things hopping in December - as did all kinds of visitors to the ksyardbird Studio.

So what all has been happening in the way of ksyardbird Bling?  Take a look at these Treasures:

Peachy Glass Button Rings were quite the hit. . . aren't they gorgeous?  I have just a couple left;-)

And these tiny delicate Pink Pearls on large rustic -with-an-attitude- silver hoops.  Stunning!

Aaaah. . . Jane's Bling Ring.  What started out as a great ring, turned failure, filtered through inspiration turned into a OOAK treasure to never be duplicated, replicated, or even simulated.  So awesome!

The Birthstone beads you saw above were used in some phenomenal custom-ordered necklaces - for Mom, Sister, and

even a Grandma.

This is one of my absolute faves. . . These chunky-elegant cream-to-peach-to pink Pearls alternated with tiny little black beads and 'wrapped up' with a type-writer key-like toggle clasp.  Cool!

Some more delicate earrings with just the right sprinkling of attitude. . . who knew Pearls could have such a personality?

The palest of taupe-y Pink Feldspar with the softest of taupe brown Pearls sprinkled with copper.  So understated.  This one's divine on nearly any skin tone.

The Terra Jasper square beads are simply stunning with their turquoise blue and veined in creams and browns - yum!  The golden cream Pearls and Crystals really let the terra jasper pop.  I literally dreamed about these beads until my imagination finally wove them into this striking treasure.

The rosy-peachy pink of these Rhodochrosite chips called for special treatment with the Pink Aventurine.  Special enough for you?  Divine!

Perfect with that little black dress - some 'lace' and rhinestones.  Ooo-la-la:-)  I love re-inventing pieces to give them a new attitude and life.

Took a couple times to get this special custom order just right. . . aren't they lovely?

Glimmers of sunlight through the forest top with bits of retired vegetation sprinkling the path. . . this one reminds me of a leisurely walk outdoors with the shimmery, almost translucent, Green Seraphinite round beads, shiny taupe Pearls and Crystals, and pops of copper (what else?) leaves.

Now here's something pink (but not too pink), sparkly (but not too sparkly) and truly special with the Brighton Charm and rhinestone-studded beads. So amazing with all that wonderful Pink Opal.  Wow!

Two words.  Simply gorgeous.  The sparkle of the rhinestones perfectly compliment the rustic colors of the Lepidolite beads.

Sweet raspberries!  How about some bling that steals your heart and makes you smile?  Here you have it - certainly makes you see a strand of Pearls in a whole new way.

Contact me for more information on any of these Treasures. . . follow ksyardbird on Facebook to get the best sneak peeks of everything before it goes on to the ksyardbird Shop on Etsy.  Or, if you want to keep track of it *all* - visit the ksyardbird website.

Everybody needs a little bling to bring some sparkle to their eyes, their imagination, their heart, their life, and their world.

Have a Blingful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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