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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Captured Views. . .

I have been so amazingly overwhelmed with the many invasive details of life that little else (such as beloved Blogging, Beading, Sewing, Sleeeeeping) has permeated.  I was sitting here at my desk looking around and couldn't believe what I saw.  Wanna take a wee-peek at my world?

The first step is locating my dear, dear camera. . .

It always seems to be 'around' and ready for action!  But this messy-messy office / studio / family room is beyond distraction. . . All views captured are non-posed, and totally spontaneous - mess and all. . . Don't worry though - a couple of the photos may be disturbing to those faint of heart, but all pics will be totally G-rated. 

So. . . sitting in my chair and circling to the right

Of course Fritzie is in her basket. . . that's a given:-)

Was I born in a barn??  Can I NOT close *any* doors???? 

Ahhh. . . a little nature to behold.

Since there are no birdies to be seen out my window - I had to get my own. . .

The couch is *always* beckoning for a napper ~

At least *some* things are kind of neat.  I NEVER 'abandon' things on the photo- table.  That's beyond naughty.  But what's that hat doing there?

Argh!  Cool new pendants and chains that I haven't had a chance to even take out of the packaging.  Sigh. . . and what's going on with that stuff all over my work table anyway?  I wish I knew!

More mail and packages waiting to be opened and sorted - keep pile vs. the 'round' file.

At least the Wonder Vizslas are exactly where they're supposed to be!

Aaaahhhh. . . a little neatness to be enjoyed.  A couple more birds - pecking around a cherry - and some milky white bottles.  I added the red beaded garland for a touch of Valentine's Day.  Sweet ♥

It would take exactly three seconds to put the binders away and close that drawer. . . so why haven't I done it?  Anyone want some magazines?  Look at that stack leaning against the filing cabinet just waiting for a home!  And then we're back to my desk (it's a very long desk - I need the space to 'spread' out)

See how I spread everything out?  And pile it up?  Shameful, isn't it?

Okay - I better get back to my Real Job.  Now what was I doing???  And where is the - - - - - -?  Whew. . . I'm a little dizzy from spinning around in my chair.  On the other hand. . .that was kinda fun.  Wheeeeee~!

Have a Captivating kind of day ~

Robin Z

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