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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter, Winter, Winter Everywhere!

The news was full of warning about this winter storm that was to strike. . . we had days to prepare for The Blizzard.  Now that we're on the other side, let's take a look back:-)

We went from a gray day with snow

to a full-blown White-Out

I would have taken more pics from other views, but all 37 windows in our 'Good Ol (1930) American Craftsman 3-Story' home were covered with ice. . . . on the inside.  I thawed out the bottom half of one window in my studio because I was totally getting claustrophobic!  We keep the windows covered during extreme weather (to save on heating or cooling bills), so it does tend to be VERY dark.

Today is better because the Lovely-lovely sun was helping thaw the ice - hooray!  To see outside is a wonderful thing:-)

See that snow in the back of the truck?  That was most of the snow at the base of the driveway directly behind the truck.

Not sure if you can really tell, but check out Son-O's car.  Totally covered with about 1-1/2 feet of snow.  There was some crazy drifting!

The wind was so strong and fierce from almost all directions - check out how the snow coated my trees that are on the front porch right next to the door

On the back patio right next to the garage.  Note - there's a fence on the south, the garage wall on the west, and the house on the north.  That's some Ca-Razyyyy wind!!

And I'm guessing it'll be awhile before we sit out on the back patio

Or even sit on the back porch

But at least we can make it to the grill

Beware the lost wild animals

That was a wee-joke.  Son-O's deer antler's from his deer hunt in December have been residing on our patio table since he came home.  Aren't they awesome!  I think so;-)  But here's the real wild animals of the place

Jaz and Zayda the Wonder Vizslas keeping watch.  Good Dogs.  And then we have the kitties who are much too 'smart' to go outside. . . . Talk about a catnap

Have a Hot Chocolate kind of day ~

Robin Z

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