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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting all Easter-ed Up


My favorite time of year just so happens to coincide with my favorite holiday - how Awesome is that?

For the past 16 years, Hubster and I have hosted the annual Easter-weekend family get-together.  Yes.  I said weekend. . . Remember last year's blog right before Easter? 

Our esteemed guests start arriving Friday with the last ones sometimes leaving as late as Tuesday.  We've served anywhere from one extra person at our table to our all-time record of 23 guests.  It was a tight fit - but we all managed to sit in the dining room together.  Thank goodness for folding tables and chairs! 

There are certain traditions and foods expected by all each every year - and everyone pitches in where they can with whatever they are comfortable doing.  It all starts with supper on Friday, then breakfast, snacks, supper and more snacks on Saturday. . . and snacks and The Dinner on Sunday.  From there, we break out any leftovers.

It's a great time to reconnect with family and friends with nothing more on the agenda than eating and laughing - Perfect!

This year we will be hosting 10 or so family members.  The menu has been somewhat decided (Hubster's prime rib and my cheesecake are ALWAYS on the Easter Dinner menu) and cooking preparations will start tomorrow with the traditional boiling of the eggs for the Easter Egg dyeing party that's always the precursor to deviled egg makings.  Hmmmm. . . how many shall I boil this year?  Four dozen?  or five?  Seriously.

I spend much of the week up to Friday making to-do lists, grocery lists, and sleeping arrangements.  Thursday typically finds me in a frenzy of cleaning and shopping with Friday set aside for a day in the kitchen with some great Jazz and a sipping beverage.

Punctuated throughout the week is bringing out my Easter decorations. . .interesting bunnies and chicks and eggs.  Little surprises get tucked all through the house and they are different each and every year.  I also spend a day popping cheerful flowers in pots for the porches, and this year, the back patio.  You can see all the flowers in yesterday's blog. . . so pretty!  It's Spring!  It's Easter!

The night before Easter always results in a panic. . . I remind myself all week to get the Easter baskets ready for the special little (and mostly not-so-little) bunnies and chicks in our midst.  And nearly every year, it's a mad scramble to get the treats and treasures tucked into their special container and out where the 'surprisees' are sure to find them.  I vow for that to not happen this year:-)

No matter how you celebrate Easter, enjoy it to the fullest.  I'll be back next week with tried and true recipes from our Feaster-Easter Fest.  In the meantime. . . how about some snacks like Tex-Mex Corn Dip and Guacamole?  Both will be present this weekend!

Have an Easter-y kind of day ~

Robin Z

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