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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Magical, Flowerful, World of Epcot

As I sit here in the ksyardbird Studio enjoy the light and warmth of the sun after several days of living without it. . .I'm taken back to our days in Florida, and, especially Disney-Epcot's Flower Festival.  Talk about some great (as far as I was concerned) timing - check it out:

Those tubs of flowers floated around the lake - really!

Magic flower-carpet ride, anyone??

 * The Stars of the Parks *

Goofy and the Gang. . .

I just watched the 1937 hand-animated, colorized, version of this one the other night.  Love that Dopey!

Oooooh. . . who let the Warthog loose?

Japan was our favorite 'country' at Epcot.  Aren't these guys cute?

Hard to see because of the shade - but Capt. Hook is being chased again. . . . or still?

Look closely at Cinderella's dress right above the fence line.  See that heart?

Romantic. . . . .

How'd you like to be the one to keep that ^ trimmed???  WOW!

Beauty and the Best. . . See some of the other characters in the background?

But, seriously, want to see what caught Hubster's eye?

The lettuce 'tree.'  Now, that's some kind of practical topiary!

Have a Magically Floral kind of day ~

Robin Z

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