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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Impatient Pansies and other Cheer

The past month or so has been punctuated with some beautiful ones too wonderful to be wasted inside.  Yesterday wasn't what I would deem ideal with clouds and random sprinkles. . . but it was warm and pleasant enough in the afternoon and evening to get out and fill the flower pots with happiness for Easter weekend.  A flat of pastel pansies (pinks and creams with touches of pale lavender), impatiens (perky white, pinkish, and candy-striped), kale and petunias (a gorgeous deep purple with yellow) did the trick!

The front porch with its touch of Spring. . . time to get the humming bird feeders up too.

And the back patio's first Spring Fling

Still figuring out how I want to arrange everything . . and no complaints about the bigger patio!  We love it so much - it's exciting to have the space to 'decorate' as an outdoor living area.  Hubster helped me acquire all the barrel halves, which I LOVE to use as planters. . . I think I've got them where I want them, and have the drainage holes drilled in the bottome - they're just waiting to be filled with peppers, tomatoes, lettuce.  But  at least the flower pots are happy.

Grow little flowers. . . GROW!!!

Aren't those dark purple petunias striking?!?

There's even some blooms and greenery on the back porch.  I'm not sure if the hibiscus was quite ready to come out of it's sun-filled corner of the basement - but now it's in it sun-filled corner on the porch.  Bloom!

That's Jaz - the Super Vizsla - with his nose sniffing out the peppermint-candy looking impatiens. . .

Yup!  The place is a little bit more Easter - ready. . . do you know Easter is a full month later this year than last?  Wow.  No tulips and daffodils from the garden this year.  Ah well, we'll just go outside for some flowery-cheer!  The best part of filling the flower pots?  Is knowing it's just the beginning - and there are four hanging baskets, two barrels, and a random sprinkling of pots still waiting to be filled. . . . my Favorite time of year!

Have a Flowerful kind of day ~


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  1. Looks very inviting! Can't wait for my necklace to arrive!!!