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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Life. . . Through Flowers

You're wondering where I've been aren't you?  Heck!  I KNOW where I've been and even I'm not sure I could fully explain it. . . it's a place where cooking has been set aside, dusting the house is being ignored.  A destination that includes focus on enjoying the day, the weather, family. 

There are three reasons (as if one is not enough) for this reformatted lifestyle:

1.  It's spring-time and time to be outside!
2.  I sprained my ankle getting the mail (who knew that task could be so dangerous)
3.  Hubster lost his job.  Sort of.

I will not dwell on #2 and #3 except to share with you that both have changed the pace of my days - neither in a particularly good way; nor a particularly bad way.  I'm extremely grateful for #1 to help me through #3 and extremely annoyed at #2 holding me back from #1.

So - with all of that in mind - forget two out of three and let's take a walk around the yard to see all the flowers that have been planted:-)

Hubster and J-son helped me get rid of the old barrel halves that were near this spot and set the new ones in a more welcoming (and easier to mow around) spot by the front sidewalk. . .

And, in case you're wondering *exactly* what's in these planters (and the others you'll be seeing), I saved all of those little plastic plant tags and will include them after each pot.  How cool is that?!?! 

And at the base of the steps:

And welcome to the front porch!

Come on around to the back. . .

I LOVE having the two porches. . . the front one gets bright north light and early morning east sun; while the back porch gets that hot south sun, as well as east and west brightness. . . and yet, it's mostly shaded throughout the day.  Not sure how that works. . . .

Hubster picked out those bright orange pansies.  I don't usually take to the bright hues like that one - but I really like it!

And on out into the yard. . . My favorite little landscaped corner of the yard - still a work in progress, but I love my Bird Girl.  In fact, my greatest wish out here is that I could find a larger statuette of Bird Girl. . . one of these days. . .

The bark will be getting swapped out with some great 2" - 4" Colorado River Rock.  But we're not here to talk about rock and statues. . we're here for the flowers!  Oh, in case you're wondering about the most attractive (sarcasm) wire fence. . . the Wonder-Vizslas, Jaz and Zayda, 

had gotten into a habit of rough housing in this corner over the winter - so the fence is their deterrent to 'Stay Out.'  So far it's working - hooray!  And back to the flowers. . .

This is one of my favorite clay pots.  It's not new, so I'm extremely careful with it.  Just nothing like the old clay. . . though the new Italy-Made clay pots aren't bad (that's what that big one is up above)

And then there's the 'random' pot out in the 'middle' of the yard. . . Yeah - but it's pretty to look at from my office window!

Pretty darned flowery, eh?  Most came from Arnold's Greenhouse, with a few from Hans Floral, a local florist and greenhouse.  All are gorgeous!  Of course, there are more flowers (especially pansies) that are here and there (and pretty much everywhere) that I've shown you before - and you'll see them next time. . . .when you see all the herbs and veggies that have been planted too:-) 

Have a Bloomin' Flowery kind of day ~

Robin Z 

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