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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rockin' the Patio

Yeah, we have frequent get-togethers on our back patio, but that's not what I'm talking about here. .  .
I'm talking about literal rock

More than a ton of beautiful, earthy-colored, river-tumbled 2" - 4" Colorado rock. 

And my patio

Or, more accurately, the space between my patio and the fence

J-Son hauled 2,380 pounds of rock

One 2/3 filled 5-gallon bucket at a time. . . That's one bucket of rock you see -

And now two. . .

Where was I? Despite the fact we worked on this on Mother's Day, I was helping. . . Me and my sprained ankle were sitting in the truck loading buckets. Those are some big rocks. . . some actually had to be loaded one at a time, can you believe it?

It didn't take us as long as you thought it might.  I don't know, maybe an hour (I don't think it was even that long) before we went from bare dirt to 'all rocked up'

Even Jaz the Wonder-Vizsla was impressed

I think:-)  Did you see him 'lurking around' in the photo above this one?  He's never too far from the action. . . but rarely part of it - ha!

I LOVE the look the rocks give to the patio - kind of a 'water-y' vibe.  They're especially vibrant when wet

And yes.  I went out in the rain to take photos For You!

Cut me some slack on the blur, and just enjoy the colors, will ya?  It was wet out there! 

Yup.  Rockin' the patio. . . Now we need to get a few more tons from Pine Family Farms to rock out in the yard. . . .

Have a Rockin' kind of day ~

Robin Z

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