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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everything is Broken. . .

Or so it seems.

Recently I went to pull the chain that turns on my tavern light in the dining room to only have the chain pull out into my hand. . . Being that Hubster and I have our priorities exactly as they should be, the switch was repaired the next morning and now I just push a button for Jack to illuminate my life.

I LOVE simple fixes!!  There should be more of them. . .

The dishwasher tab dispenser? 

Won't open.  Well. . . sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't.  And just when we think we have figured out a 'fix', it doesn't.  What the heck, right?  Sure.  I should call a repairman, but I'm betting the cost of getting a repairman over here to fix the issue will be at least half of what a new dishwasher will be. . . and, honestly, will the dishwasher do its job as it should long enough after the repair to feel like the cost was a good investment?  Honestly?

Lost all calendar function on my cell phone. 

Seriously - was working awesome for the first couple of months!  I could enter appointments in, I could sync it with whatever calendar I wanted from the internet and my computer. . . and then - *poof* it all just went away.  I can see a generic calendar - but can't add events, can't sync calendars - all I can do is see what the date is, was, and will be.  Not buying tech-support's only 'fix' to this one is to remove everything and reset the phone to its default 'new' state.  That ain't no fix, sir.

Then there's dear-daughter's cell phone that has taken to randomly powering off. If you ask me, I think it's simply worn out:-)

And why does my office cordless phone system do this super-duper strange thing from time? 

Go ahead - call me. . you can hear me - but I can't hear you!  There is a 'fix', but seriously. . . If I go to the main phone base on my office desk, press speakerphone, ask if you can hear me now, wait for a positive response from you, then hit end - it's all good.  What the heck!  Wouldn't be that big of a deal except - I live in a 4-floor house with a phone on each floor.  Have any idea how annoying it is to be in the basement tossing laundry around, the phone rings, I answer it - only to have to run up to the second floor and 'fix' it so I can hear what the heck you're saying?

I'm wondering how those wax rings that you set a toilet on to seal it up to the sewer line can 'go bad.'  The city checked for sewer leaks by pumping smoke into the sewer lines last week.  The kitties were quite enthralled by the smoke coming out from around the toilet base in the second floor bathroom.

They were not impressed, however, by the smoke coming out of the sump pump 'pit' at the bottom of our basement steps. 

Yeah, who knew that little drain looking thing actually drained anything?  Goodness knows it doesn't drain much very fast when the water table goes up.  We filled it with rock so people wouldn't get their foot stuck in it as they go up and down the steps.  I'm going to take those rocks out and see if we can't get it to drain like it did 100 years ago, or so.  If smoke can come through. . . .

And would someone please come trim up my big walnut tree?!?! We've had a guy scheduled for over a month now and that limb is still there - beating away at the roof and peeling off paint. Not to mention all the dead limbs that said 'tree guy' was going to remove.

Our last tree guys, a couple springs ago, were supposed to come back with a bucket truck to take care of those branches over our house. . . where o where have the tree guys gone? Where o where can they be???

Have I mentioned the mysterious leak in the cab of my van?  Rain, to be precise, runs in from somewhere under the hood and ends up on the floor on the passenger side.  Everything's been sealed up - except what can't be reached without completely moving the entire dash.  Ummm. . . hmmm. . . I think trash bags and a rolled up towel are a pretty good fix right now. 

While we're talking about leaky automobiles. . . check out that oil spot from Son-o's car. 

Please don't ask how many times it has been to the shop to be fixed.  I'm serious.  Don't ask.

This isn't exactly broken in the proper since of the word - but what the heck happened in the basement!?!?  I have never seen it, nor allowed it to be, so amazingly piled up with stuff that needs to be put away or passed along. 

As far as I'm concerned, most of the basement is 'broken' and requires the biggest fix of all at this point!

Now, just to go out on a positive note. . . . Noah Hunt, with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, (one of my favorite bands) putting my complaints to music. . .

Have a fixed up kind of day ~

Robin Z

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  1. You are hilarious! It does seem as if several things can go crazy all at the same time and it cost more to have it fixed than to just purchase it new. Crazy, huh!