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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Staying In, Keeping Cool, & Decorating

Too hot to go outside and show you how my veggies, herbs and flowers are doing (they're managing with a good watering every single morning). . . too hot to cook and have new recipes to share.  What does that leave?

It's been a little while since we've gone on a 'Decorating Tour' around the house - so whaddya say?  You in?  Cool!

Let's just take a little peek around the studio. . . oooh - how about up there on top of my tall book case from The Feathered Nest in Chanute, KS?

Let's a get a closer look

Those are two antique baskets.  I LOVE LOVE them!  That's a big display platter in the shape of a leaf from Twigs in Independence, KS along the back, a birdie salt and pepper set from my beloved Daughter, a nifty nest from The Feathered Nest and a 3-piece apothecary jar from Celebrating Home.  The three pieces can be flipped and turned and stacked and used in so many different ways. . . I also tried putting things in it like the porcelain robin's eggs you saw in the very first picture, to a nest, to sea shells, to ivy.  I found I liked it best empty:-)

What's on the other bookcase in the studio?

The nifty frame from Jody's Attic in Chanute, KS 'framed' my electronic frame perfectly!  For fun, I picked up three different colors of candles to put in the hurricanes from Celebrating Home.  They pick up the colors of the frame and the books in the bookcases below.  Just a fun switch from the usual matchy-matchy that you typically see, I think.  And I adore my antique doilies. . . you're figuring out what I am drawn to at antique stores, flea markets, and auctions, aren't you?

A nice place to relax in the one corner of the studio.  My nifty tapestry pillow from The Feathered Nest and my iron birds.  Looking for more of those. . . Don't you just love that bird cage?  There's a larger one on the second floor landing too.  I found that set, believe it or not, in the Bass Pro catalog a couple months ago.  Was a definite 'had to have.'  The little cabinet was my Granny's.  The drawer fronts are original, but I stripped, sanded, and painted the body a flat black.  I do love it when a project comes out even better than you imagined!

And in the bedroom. . . The sweet little plates have been waiting for a home (and display rack) ever since I brought them home from Eureka Springs, AR nearly a year ago.  Was so excited to finally find a little rack (need one?  Contact me - I have one more like the one shown for sale.  They were sold in pairs.)  The bird cage is another Celebrating Home find - doesn't the Fiestaware pitcher look nifty in there?  The sweet robin picture was a lovely gift from a lovely friend:-)  And the hats.  Sweet, sweet hats.  The top one was my Great-Grandma Clara's and the bottom one was Hubster's Grandma Ellen's.  I love having the hats hanging out here and there for a bit of whimsy.

Found that stellar over-sized vase at Pier One earlier this summer - I could NOT leave it there. . .AND I had a coupon!!!  The grass is a golden tone with random pearls slid on for a romantic effect.  The inspiring picture and blue jar candle are from The Feathered Nest.  The candle stand is another Celebrating Home find. . .while the rest was picked up at an estate sale.  I just love it when eclectic finds become friendly in such a decorative way!

Aren't those birds 'the bomb?'  Daughter located those at Lawrence, Kansas' Winfield House and she knew they had a home here. . . They've been moved around the house a couple times now.  The nifity lantern is yet another Celebrating Home find and houses a nearly empty candle.  There's that larger bird cage; the mate to the first one I showed up. The bottoms come off so you can fill them with whatever makes you smile. I had this neat 'bird on a branch' light from Hobby Lobby that fits in there perfectly and gives off a nice glow in the evenings as it lights your way up and down the stairs. 

Sweet pic of a sweet friend and I that I photo-shopped out the background and slipped it into a frame that makes me doubly smile. . . My friend'll have one just like it very-very soon:-)

Heading on down to the first floor. . .

That bird cage was such a great find at Winfield house - looks so cool with a Celebrating Home nest inside while the birds from The Feathered Nest are perched outside.  The one is resting on a Celebrating Home candle base instead of it's hurricane glass- pretty neat, eh?  In case you're wondering. . that trunk is solid cedar and was built by my Grandfather when he was a young man in school.  Makes my heart smile every time I walk past it - which is often.

My table's centerpiece. . . the metal candle 'hurricanes', serving dish (atop the metal and wicker stand from Twigs) and matching salt and pepper birds are all Celebrating Home.  The candles and grassy candle rings are from Jody's Attic.  The nifty salt and pepper shakers came from Crate and Barrel. . . one push of a button on top gives you a burst of seasoning - no batteries. 

One of my favorite things in the corner of the dining room is this birdhouse

Or would you call it a bird condo?  I travel to the Sugar Mound Arts and Crafts Show every year and pick out a birdhouse.  This one was last year's. . . you can read more about the artist and craft show by clicking the link above.  What do you think of that old crate and big ol' jar full of eggs?

 Me too!  Can't really see it - but that nest is pretty cool too.

For some reason, I've got this little collection of pitchers growing on top of my display cabinet

The big pan in the back was found in Grandpa's attic with the pitchers themselves coming from here and there. . . Not quite sure how it started and I have a feeling it will continue.  I may start running short of display space, but should never run short of pitchers for Troyaritas, mojitos, bourbon slush. . .

And on my side buffet table. . .

You've seen the wood and glass 'box' before - a great sidewalk sale find.  The candle sticks from Pier One are hollow and can also be used as vases.  The little wooden tray is new, though.  I like its rustic finish and leather handles. . . and what's that inside?

Porcelain balls from C.S. Post & Co. in Hays, KS.  Just simple white porcelain balls with black letters and numbers painted on them. . . They really spoke to me and I've been wanting some for quite awhile.  I had bought the balls just a day before the tray and as soon as I saw the tray - I knew!  The kitties like to play with them, but can't get them out of tray. . . people will walk by and roll them around until they find their initials.  I think they'd also be cool displayed on the coffee table.

But, right now, I like what's on my coffee table. . . and on the shelves below the television.

Feathers and walnuts in the jars courtesy of my back yard, the faux eggs are from Jody's Attic, the box here in the foreground is from Dodie's in Humboldt, KS, and the lantern is yet another nifty treasure from Celebrating Home.  The jars?  Oh, lessee here. . . an auction, a flea market, and Great-Grandma's pantry.

So what's your favorite thing here?  I choose things that make me smile and really don't have a decorating 'plan.'  I typically feel pretty confident that if I love something enough to buy it and bring it home, then it will go well with the things I already have.  With that attitude, I don't miss too often. . . and when I do?  I've got a gift at the ready - cool:-)

Have a Cool-ful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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  1. I love looking around your house! There are little vignettes of treasures around every corner!