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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo-freeing my Phone

I was trying to locate a specific photo on my phone the other day and realized that 88 photos and one video were simply too many camera-phone-images to sort through.  I decided if it was important enough for me to 'snap', then I probably should do something about them. . .

Maintaining motivation to tether my gotta-have-phone to my can't-live-without-laptop and move 'em made me think you might like to take a peek too.   What I found is pretty darned cool, even in my objective opinion.

A Blues Fest over Memorial Weekend:

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at Independence, MO in early June:

A storm a week later:

Pretty flowers in my flower gardens

Checking out some of my farm ground in central Kansas over the 4th of July weekend:

Yummy Wine!!!

I left this one on my phone so I have it when I go to the liquor store. . . gotta get me some more of that one;-)

Some interesting fungi that I thought looked like bread. . . Amazing things surface when you pull weeds and trim shurbs, eh?

Our patio after a big rain and wind storm and before I wielded a broom to clean it all up.

On my way to Lawrence, KS a couple weeks ago to spend a day with Dear Daughter

And on my way home

My infamous Wonder Vizslas, Zayda and Jaz.  Go Zayda!  Go!  Jaz is always a few paces behind.

Waiting for the next squirrel to chase

Like my pedi?  Did it myself!  Really.  I did. Hope it lasts awhile - I really-really like it!!

Front walk, courtesy of five squirrels who have deemed the walnut tree above their personal buffet, before my broom attack

And the Wonder Vizslas being impressed with the 'after'

And that was just a wee-sampling of all that I found.  Thank goodness for my phone. . err, camera!  We would have missed all these bits and bites of life.

Have a camera-photo kind of day ~

Robin Z

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