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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Started. . .

Early morning musings: what to create today? Each day is a trip and I've gotta have a map.

Shall I draw a picture? Nah. . . did that a couple days ago and even did some creative computer editing to it, so not in the mood to 'play with pixels.' But I should print and mount some of those pictures. . . .

Perhaps I should finish that quilt - that cute one with the country-cat fabric that I made when we took a family ski trip. Instead of skiing, I stayed in the condo and made this quilt top (one of my first). All these years later (has it been 10 years?) and I buy batting, move furniture, lay the top out, then the batting, and top with the backing only to decide that the batting is too thing for the fabric of the quilt. Fold the fabric layers, roll up the batting and wait until I buy the right filling. I have it now. And the furniture still stands ready in it's temporary positions. Maybe I should work on that today.

But then again, I have this other quilt top that I'm just starting. Have collected the fabric for several years and just recently pulled it out of the closet, spent some evenings choosing a design, modifying the design, then modifying it again. Paper piecing templates are to scale (complete with seam allowances), cut out, and waiting to be transformed into all the fabric parts to make the design. The colors are quite subtle and uniqe and the patterned Focus Fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

Or maybe I should be more practical and focus on adding more jewelry pieces to my shop. I have several necklaces and bracelets impatiently waiting to be treasured by someone. But first they must join the 'coming out' party on Etsy. The risk is me becoming inspired by one of my already-created designs and distractedly becoming immersed among my beads and wires to let another musing come to life.

I do have that new wire-forming book and wire and mallet that's been pulling at my subconscious. Hmmmm. . . . A ring, perhaps?

And on the other hand, my amazing Babylock Ellegante 2, with its embroidery arm attached and some 2,000 designs on a USB is calling me to play with abandon.

But today, I want more direction than just random wanderings. I feel the need to complete (or at least progress) on a project already at least one step removed from its musing beginnings.

Of course, I'm ignoring the practical things on my list - such as mopping the floors, doing laundry, dusting, walking the dogs. . . Oh, and actually 'going' to work. The risk of having a virtual office is all of the distractions of being at home. The joy of having a virtual office is being at home. But who wants to talk about W-O-R-K??? Esp. when the whole day is ahead?

Supper? I'm ahead of the game here with a refrigerator full of left-overs! Going with the yummy Mexican chicken corn chowder in the refrigerator and sliced avocado. I think I'll make some cinnamon tortilla chips and 'flaming bananas' for dessert. Flaming bananas: butter, hot pan, brown sugar, sliced bananas, cinnamon - fry. Add a dollop of brandy - stir and light. Yes, I said light it up with one of those fancy lighter things and let it flame right there in the pan. Won't hurt the pan - definitely doesn't hurt the bananas!

So time for a decision: Today's Creative Map:

1. cut quilt pieces for new quilt (just wait until you see this fabric!)
2. let some (Should be more specific of a number. How about 6?) of my 'ignored' jewelry pieces shine in my 'ksyardbird' shop on Etsy. (I'm excited for you to see them!)

And this is how my day begins - weekday or weekend, just doesn't matter. I can't wait to get started on the next project! And I always seem to have plenty of options to choose from - in all stages of creation. Now that you know what the choices are - stay tuned for updates on progress and photos as I go along.

Details to follow. . . my trip's just getting started!

Robin Z

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