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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh! It's Wednesday?

Can't believe how this week is flying by. . . I almost 'missed' Monday.  Okay.  I'm kidding.  A little.

Got the last of the pieces cut for The Quilt-  I'm getting excited now!  Posted my 'trial block' on my bulletin board by my work table as inspiration and have all the pieces counted and stacked neatly.
  They quiver with anticipation of becoming more than just a piece of fabric.   To be art is their dream.  And I guess I could say I'm the conductor here to implement their journey?  Or something like that.

Goal today?  To get at least one square done - with bigger goals in the day ahead.  Don't want this fabric, that's already suffered with getting cut up, to get frustrated with it's conductor. . . Let's sew this baby up!  One block at a time, of course.

So. . . hokey supper went right out the window.  Hubster requested spaghetti and meatballs for his Birthday dinner and that's exactly what he got.  We sometimes bake the 'balls' and sometimes fry them, but we find cooking them on the grill  (inside OR out) is the best!  I like to mix 1/2 sausage and 1/2 ground beef for the best texture, add some minced onion, four pieces worth of bread crumbs, a couple eggs, dash of garlic (we used some of the roasted garlic that Hubster had made the night before), and a healthy amount of Italian seasoning - yum!  We make up a nice big batch so we can get two meals out of one preparation.  I just Ziploc up the extras (don't forget to mark that bag with a date) and toss them in the freezer.  Thaw the meatballs in the refrigerator and toss them in your sauce to warm them up for your meal.

We're expecting another winter storm (what????  Mother Nature has taken much wrath upon us this year!) so I need to go outside and make sure the broom, snow shovel, and ice-melt are ready on the back porch instead of tucked away in the detached garage.  Doesn't help when your tools aren't around when you need them.  And yeah, I've traveled that path.  Dig out of the house with a fry pan and a mop (don't ask) to get to the garage for Real Tools.

The map is simple today - not worrying about supper for tonight. . .  .I'm going to call it 'Improv Night' - we've got leftovers or we can figure something out at the last minute, I'm sure.

Need to get ready for the possible winter storm (Got my fingers crossed that it will NOT happen).

And get going on putting those quilt blocks together.

Tonight is piano lessons night. . . so that does take some time out of my work studio. .  .but the time spent with The Son is worth it!

Oh, of course I have W-O-R-K and laundry.  Sigh. . . Every day - rain or shine; in the light or the dark - there's one, no two, things I can count on.  Work and Laundry.  They stalk my life.

Happy Trails!

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