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Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Far So Good. . . .

Good Morning!
Another great day ahead. . .

But first, what actually got done yesterday?

Well. . . washed two loads of towels (thanks for folding, Javyn!). And mopped the tile floors.
Mopping is something that gets done pretty frequently around here - you know. . . 2 dogs + Southeast Kansas rain = muddy paw prints. To make it easier (& quick) I do this funny 'GREEN' thing with my Swiffer 'mop.' I don't bother buying those disposable pads nor does my Swiffer 'model' have the 'Jet' attached. I attach a wet rag and have my floor cleaner in a spray bottle. Spritz-spritz, wipe-wipe and the floor's clean! I can flip the washcloth over & re-attach as I go and get another one as needed - just toss in the laundry when all done. I bought a monster stack of washcloths with these sort of ribs (LOVE 'Big Lots' sales!) and those work great on the tile. Just as convenient - much less expensive.

Now that the chores are out of the way - what FUN things did I do?

Finished up the links and RSS doo-dads for the new 'ksyardbird' Facebook page and invited all of my friends to be fans. It was fun to log in this morning to see how many accepted my invitation. NICE! Thank you!

There are also six more items in my store - check them out! Not sure why that always takes so much time. I take the photos (so easy now that my Panasonic DMC-FZ28 and I are 'friends'), then look up the cost of all of the components and figure a fair price (I think that's the hardest part!), type up the description, reformat the photos, upload it all and TA-DA! In the process, I have several ideas bumping around my head waiting to get out. . . I took notes and will forge ahead with other things on my list first. Willpower.

And I transferred my paper quilt-piece templates to mylar. No fabric-cutting has taken place yet. . . Did you see the fabrics that I'll be cutting? The backing is the bottom one on the left - it's a flannel and incredibly soft. I'll show you my design once I get a few pieces cut and laid out. Today, perhaps? I'm pretty Exciiiiited:-)

So the map for today's travels?

Supper's already figured out: Chicken quesadillas - leftover chicken, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, green onion, tortillas, shredded cheese, and sour cream all just waiting for the final destination (sort of). . . and I think I'll mix up a banana cream pie. YUM!

I have quite a bit of laundry waiting to be folded and put away and I should dust (I think I mentioned that yesterday). Hoping I won't have to mop yet again. . . but betting it'll be a daily thing now that we have a swamp to deal with again. Of course, W-O-R-K somehow fits in there too.

But what am I going to be doing that's actually FUN??
1. Definitely going to get started on cutting out those quilt pieces. Will cut enough to put one square together and go from there. Best To Test before doing All The Rest (didja like the rhyme?) ;
2. I've got to redesign (add FB & Blog info) and print more business cards with my 'ksyardbird' logo;
3. I'll probably also break down and make a pair of earrings to match a bracelet and necklace I listed on Etsy yesterday.

Doesn't sound like much - but I'm sure I'll run out of time again today like I did yesterday. I'm anxious to get moving - have a GREAT day!!

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