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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome Thursday!

Quilt blocks. . . slow - but getting into the rhythm of it.  Let's just say those stacks of little pieces of fabric are taunting me and my sewing machine, Baby.  I will prevail!  I will enjoy this quilt trip and live to send postcards about it.

Got all of the dirty towels washed yesterday.  Something I will never understand. . . . there are 3 of us here and yet two to three to four loads of towels each week!  And I have a super-big-mega capacity washer.  Anyway, shortuct to the towel chore? 
I wash 'em, toss 'em in the dryer with dryer sheets, then hang up whatever we need in the bathroom and kitchen and fold the rest.  No sense in getting more towels out of the cupboard and unfolding them, then having to fold ALL the freshly laundered ones. . . seriously.  I do the same thing with bed sheets - who wants to fold those darned things?

Okay.  I have to be honest here.  I really didn't do much but laundry yesterday.  It was just too darned nice a of a day to be cooped up inside.  I opened the window in my office-studio and did what I had to do (and  couple things I didn't really HAVE to. . . but wanted to. . . . like 'IM' with a friend) until I absolutely couldn't stand it anymore then went out into the sunshine!

Walked around the dog-minefield we call 'backyard' dreaming of spring and the things I want/need to do to get the yard back into shape after two years of puppy. . .  Then gave it up and played fetch with our two Vizslas - Jaz and Zayda until time to fix supper. 

Egg salad with cheddar cheese on these cute little whole grain flat bread rounds for supper last night. Tasty. Some sweet grape tomatoes on the side. I like this supper because its so fresh, fairly inexpensive, and pretty to look at. The recipe I use is very colorful with boiled eggs, red and green sweet peppers. And it's tasty with (fresh if you have it - or dried if you don't) chives and dill.

So for today?  Well, more quilt blocks, normal stuff, and I tossed a roast into the slow cooker, covered it with the last of the picante in the refrigerator, added some diced little yellow sweet peppers, one jalepeno (take out those seeds!!!!) a couple tomatoes that had some blemishes, green onion, a clove of that giant garlic Hubster roasted a couple days ago, some ground cumin seed and YUM!  The masterpiece'll be ready to be wrapped up in flour tortillas at supper.  Top it with a touch of sour cream and guacamole; pair it with a nice garden salad and TA-DA!  I think I may even make some Mexi-corn dip.  Want the recipe?  Come back for tomorrow's map.

Wednesday was a good - no GREAT - adventure of a day!  And Thursday's sure to be just as great.

Enjoy your adventure!

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