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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sparkly Shiny Signs of Christmas Cheer

I LOVE decorating - if you've followed the ksyardblog for very long, or have visited the ksyardbird studio, or just know me - you already know this fact.  I love putting things together; rearranging them until the overall effect strikes a balance in my eye and brings a smile to my face.   Holiday seasons are an added bonus to this 'hobby' - changing my home's decor from one season to another, or one celebration to a different one is Awesome!

Year to year, some things change and others stay the same - remember last year? Wanna see how I decorated for Christmas this year?  Here we go!

I adore those big metal ribbons on each side the door from Jody's Attic in Chanute.  And those metal presents are pretty darned awesome from Twigs Floral in Independence.  The cute little Christmas trees are from a neat pharmacy and gift store in Leoti, Kansas.  This year I wove some lighted garland around the 'pretties' on the ledge and. . . I really like it!!

Come on in - the front door's open

The kids' stockings are hung on the piano with care. . . just like Mom used to do with mine - on this very same piano!

I kinda like the lights in the vase and the crocheted snowflakes hanging from the door knobs, and the over-sized ornaments just laying around, and. . . and. . . .

It's amazing how festive a place can be with a little lighted garland around a doorway

hint: looking for a way to show off all the Christmas cards you receive?

And I've never actually 'set' the table as part of decorating - but what do you think of this?

Please don't eat the bows:-)

And in the center - a neat hand-blown glass tree purchased from a glass artist's shop in Florida on vacation a few years ago tucked (safe and sound) into a hurricane from Celebrating Home.

A new side-table-scape that I think is stunning!

and why not spready that cheer into the kitchen with a neat print from a gift shop in Scott City, KS and little containers from Winfield House in Lawrence, KS?

 Just a simple addition of tiny tear drop ornaments

Can create a wintry mood on an everyday houseplant (otherwise known as a Norfolk Pine) in a cluster of crocks (one with lights and frosted 'bead' garland for daily ambience)

I especially love all the mercury glass ornaments in the oversized Celebrating Home hurricane on the coffee table in the living room. . .  & how about that tree?

All of my favorite ornaments from a vast collection dating back to 1966 to the present ~

My 'infamous' and traditional bannister. . . with some crocheted snowflakes added this year:-) Love those candle lights from The Feathered Nest!

one of my favorite Christmas sets I found at Jody's Attic - Let the herald angels sing. . .

My Dad's childhood sled, and Hubster's Mom's ice skates from her teenage years

The staircase ledge is always a great place for vignettes

 such as the snowmen (from Scott City) in a lantern from Celebrating Home. I do adore those holiday boxes too!

Subtle touches of Christmas in the 'powder' room. . .

Do you see Santa?

A little holiday romance and sparkly stars in the bedroom. . .

& onto the studio! 

A few well placed shiny red ornaments,

red-beaded garland,

and pretty shiny red poinsettas & sparkly berries

bring it all together for a wintry wonderland

Not to mention more crocheted snowflakes, the sparkle of clear glass, the crisp shine of white ceramic

And shiny, swirly, golden trees

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

Have a Holiday-Spirit filled day ~

Robin Z

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