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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ain't no Bloomin' Spring Chicken

The end of February. . . Spring is right around the corner!  Out in the yard - the flowers are as impatient as I to get the show on the road. . . I even found some ivy that never bothered to nap during those cold days of winter.

I injured my hip the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. . . Didn't really do anything except twist my back while sitting on my bum tiling the kitchen floor.  If I would have just gotten up and rearranged myself. . .Mistake number one. 

Off and on for the next three (yes - I said three) months (mistake number two), I had this hip pain that would go from nowhere to be found to excrutiating. Pain relievers, ice, heat, massage, chiropracty - nothing helped.

And we spent hours and hours in the car traveling to see family over the holidays. Did I mention that sitting is excrutiating?  I finally went to the doctor a couple weeks ago.

I messed up. I should have gone sooner. It's not as bad as it could be. . . but bad enough that this pain may stay with me for an undetermined (doctor mentioned 'rest of my life') length of time. Have you ever heard of bursitis?

The bursa sack in my left hip is extremely inflamed.  And there's no real cure. . . Except - if I would have gone in right away, and followed the recommended treatment, there would be a good chance I wouldn't be sitting here right now in pain. Without knowing it, I continued to aggravate the problem for those three months causing even more damage to be healed.

Funny thing is, I'm supposed to rest it. . . well, it feels the best when I'm walking. Not a strenuous walk, but a casual, taking the time to smell the roses, kind of stroll. Resting positions, sitting, laying down, are killer. Burns, and throbs, and generally feels uncomfortable.

Besides, I'm not much of a 'resting' kind of person. And considering that any given postion hurts after just a few minutes, I'm constantly shifting. So much for 'resting.'

But, with the help of an ice pack, a special mattress pad, and anti-inflammatory medication, I'm determined to smile my way through this - sort of like the flowers who survive the icy pain of winter to show their faces to the warm sun come spring.  Only they don't have the cushy mattress pad like I do;-)

It could be worse (it also could be lots better!). . . but I can tell you - nothing will stop me from being like a clucky hen scratching in the dirt come Spring- there are flowers to be planted and vegetables to grow. If those daffodils are brave enough to poke their heads out at the end of February - then I am too:-)

Have a Spring kind of day ~

Robin Z

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