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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart Valentine's Day . . Every Day ♥

I've heard lots of people say this year how they dislike Valentine's Day. . .

They say it's so commercialized, or they don't have a 'Valentine', or it just seems kinda stupid to have one day set aside to 'love' someone.

I have a different take on this pink and red and full of hearts day.

Valentine's Day, in an ideal world for a person living the ideal life is celebrated every day. . .

Every single day we show how much we love someone- if it's just a quick phone call to say hello, or forwarding a crazy e-mail joke, or clicking 'like' on their FB post, or not yelling at them when their dirty socks don't quite make it to the hamper. 

These are all simple ways of saying I care.  And should these small acts of kindness be saved for just one and only heart throb?

Heck no!  A Valentine can be a Mom, Son, Aunt, Friend, your Dog, or whoever or whatever. 

The point of Valentine's Day is to *remind* you to be *certain* to say and show I LOVE YOU at least one day a year -

no matter how you choose to communicate it (though a card, flowers, jewelry, and candy seem to be among the most common). 

And, BTW - don't forget to say I love you to yourself:-)

I heart you too ♥

Have a Valentine's kind of day ~

Robin Z

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