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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bits of Bling and Lots of Treasures

I LOVE when the ksyardbird Studio is overflowing with cool new bits and parts like pearls and charms and chains and. . .

and. . . and. . .

Everytime a delivery arrives, it's like Christmas around here. 

The anticipation from the time of the order until the package arives is immense.  The rush from the front door to the studio and the frenzy to find the scissors and finally to rip into the box and see all the treasures -


Then there's treasures everywhere

while I take note of everything,

catalog it, and put it in its appropriate little box and into its specially assigned place

to be pulled out later and created into Special Treasures. . .

like earrings -

and necklaces -

and bracelets -

And even one of each for a pretty set -

All the pretty bits of bling - I can't wait to make more treasures. . . so many ideas and so little time. . . Thank goodness for my 'helpers'. . .

That was sarcasm:-)

Have a Blingful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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