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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fishing . . . ummm - sort of.

Umm. . . Hello Mr. Boss?  Good Morning.  This is Robin Z.  I would like to take today off.  No, not sick.  Yeah.  That's right.  A personal day.  Yeah, it really is beautiful day today.  Ummm. . . what am I planning on doing?

Gardening?  Umm, no.  No, not washing the car or cleaning out the garage.  No, don't have any painting projects.  Not laying out in the chaise lounge soaking rays (with SPF 7000 of course!) either.  No, I think I'll 'go fishing.'

Where?  At the community lake?  Ummm. . . no.  At Big Hill?  No. . . not quite.  I'll be at home.  No - I don't have a pond, don't even live out in the country.  You don't understand?  Well, I have an aquarium.  A 50-gallon one.  With lots of fish.

What's that?  Am I seriously going fishing in my aquarium?  Not exactly.  Are any of the fish even big enough to eat?  Not really. . . .  Though there might be one.  Let me explain.  Really.  I can explain.  Ummmm. . . . okay, I just would like the day off because my aquarium needs to be cleaned.  And I have some cool new plants for it - not to mention a new bubble strip and seashell balls.

Yes it does.  It does take all day.  In fact, it takes a couple of days.  Crazy?  Probably.

Will I be in tomorrow?  Well. . . Ummmm. . . depends upon how good the fishing is today.  I'll let you know.

Mr. Boss?  Thanks for understanding!

Have a fishy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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