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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring before the Snow ~

Seriously folks.  It's 68 degrees out there today (but feels cooler) and supposed to be even warmer tomorrow then BAM!  Snow.  Yup. . . snow over the weekend.

I went out in the backyard and played with the Wonder-Vizslas today.  How could I not?  The sun and the warm. . . Besides - it was time for a good game of fetch.  They love fetch!  I tried to get Zayda 'on film' catching the ball - but no luck.  Will keep trying.  It's easy to catch Jaz 'in fetch mode' - he doesn't move so fast.  I LOVE how intense Zayda gets in contrast to how laid back Jaz is about the whole 'go get the ball' thing.  Funny.

 Toured around the yard.  Manoman - does it look like crap.  Literally in some parts (two dogs - watch out for dog mines!)  Our extreme winter and two active mutts really took a toll on all of my landscaping.  Sigh.  hours and hours down the drain.  Oh well.  We've got contractors on the line to enlarge our current patio sometime this sping- will tackle the rest of the yard after that gets poured.  Also thinking about picket-fencing off a portion of the yard to be reserved just for the dogs.  Maybe.

The photo on the top over there is of Jaz our one year old boy and the bottom photo is of Zayda, our 2 year old girl, .  What a pair!

I saw lots of wee-signs of early spring.  Gives one hope!  Snapped some pics while the sun was so bright and shiny.  ENJOY!

Some brave buds breaking out on the magnolia.

Daffodils ready to 'pop'!

Hello chives!

One of the flower beds waking up from its winter nap.

The rose bush survived!

More photos of my 'BEFORE' yard tour when we get a little closer to the 'DURING' and 'AFTER' phase - it's going to be awesome.

Have a bright sun-shiny kind of day ~

Robin Z

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