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Monday, March 22, 2010

Silly Kitties Loooooove tulips!

I had started another blog post, took photos to go with it - then left the house to run some errands.

When I returned, I came in the back door which opens directly into the kitchen and looked over to the dining room.  Holy tulip petals!  I couldn't keep from laughing and knew you would find it funny too.

This morning, while I was upstairs in my second floor office/studio, I had heard these odd noises coming from the first floor.  I knew the dogs were outside so it wasn't them getting into mischief.  But Fritzie and Frazer weren't in their bed - so I figured it was those crazy cats finding something fun to do. 

I had left to run my errands through the front door and did not pass through the kitchen or dining area.  Not sure if I would have found it quite as funny - who knows. . . I was in a hurry to get out of the house and get things done.  Humor tends to abandon a person when they are in the 'git r done' mode, doesn't it?

Anyway - here's what the flowers used to look like about a week ago:

And earlier this morning - pretty much goners, wouldn't you say?  But wait. . . it gets even better.

This is what I saw when I came in the back door a little bit ago. . . .

 Yup.  Kaput - silly kitties!!  Fritzie and Frazer apparently made a great game out of the tulips. . . Wonder who won?  NOT the tulips, obviously!  Oh, do you see that one single tulip in the very middle?  How funny is that?!?!?

Have a perky-tulip kind of day ~

Robin Z


  1. Just once I want to see an animal destroy something and then afterwards go, "yea yea I know i know, but what the hell did you expect?" Cuz thats what I am expecting them to say!

  2. Oh, I know Boomka. I know all the pretties and plants and pillows and shelves are here for their entertainment.

    BTW - the top pic of the kitties was *immediately* before the funny noises. . . the bottom pic was of them definitely *after* I had discovered their destruction.

    I think they're looking pretty smug.


  3. Oooh Robin I am giggling away to myself - they both looks so mischeivious sat together in their little basket, yet like they are trying to look innocent at the same time teehee :-)