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Monday, March 8, 2010

So close and yet so wet. . .

What a tease.  So the past three days, while it was not necessarily sunny yesterday, were definitely teasing of spring.  Warm temps, bright sun. . . and yet, today?  Gray.  Rain.  Blah.  Hoping this is not the start of our annual rainy season.  I do think we deserve a few days (weeks?) of sun and fun before getting chased inside by weather once again.  At least there's no ice on the *inside* of my 90 year old wood-framed windows.  That was ridiculous.  Winter most definitely is over and not a welcome guest come next year.

There are still lots of hints of spring though. . . here are a just a couple I heard (then saw) today:

Right outside my second story office window.  I heard chattering and
went to see 'who' was out there.  There was this guy with a new-found nut (they don't bother burying them in our yard.  I pick up all the walnuts from our not-so-beloved trees and put them in a basket.  Safer for our ankles that way) and another one sneaking up on him wanting him to share.

We've had as many as six frequent our trees in the summer.  They most certainly get chatty and loud at times. . . and their games of tag up and down the trees is absolutely ridiculous.   My favorite part is when they'll jump the several feet from a tree limb to the first floor porch roof (which I can also see out my office windows) OR they jump on the house roof one more story up from me and I can hear them clamber across to the other side.  Like a herd of elephants?  Almost.

Earlier I had a discordant choir of chirping out my window. . . unfortunately, my presence caused most of the birds to fly off.  And, unfortunately, they were all blackbird and nothing cool like robins (not that I'm partial to robins or anything, eh?).  Regardless, I liked the pic.  Don't you?

And no.  No creative graphics on this one. . . that is exactly how gloomy it is out there.  I refuse to be depressed by it!

I'm sorry to talk about the weather.  I actually had every intent to share my Cinnamon-Banana Muffin recipe. . . . how about tomorrow?

Okay!  See you then!

Are you seeing some signs of spring in your world?  

Wishing you a bright-springlike kind of day ~

Robin Z

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