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Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday - Easter's Calling

Hello lovely readers!

I have pansies!  My wonderful Hubster and J-boy stopped at a garden center on their way home from 'an adventure' and brought me TWO FLATS of beautiful, smiley-faced, purple pansies!!  Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm ready for Easter now!

We celebrate Easter similar to how many people celebrate Christmas - with lots of family, fun, and food that lasts for an entire weekend.

This year we will have a house busting at the studs with 10 extra people (so far) all looking for beds on Saturday night. . . or couches. . . or a bit of floor and a wee-blanket.  Our table will be overflowing with memories in the making - not to mention some great food! 

Interesting tidbit. . . Hubster & I will be the oldest in attendance this year - and J-boy will be the youngest?  What's the prize for these distinctions?  Getting to sleep in our very own beds - that's what!

With that many extra people here, and with every square inch guaranteed to be used, we've been cleaning. . . cleaning. . . cleaning!  I like to call it Spring Cleaning, but I end up calling it torture.  Hubster and J-boy were willing helpers. . . to a point.  Hubster did wipe down ceiling fans and clean the big front porch - wonderful!  I scrubbed the bathroom within an inch of its porcelain.  It *SPARKLES*, baby.  Wear your sunglasses when you go primp!  I also did some dusting and. . . grocery shopping.

But, before Hubster and I could go buy the food, we had to make up the menu for the weekend.

So what will be eating?  Well. . .

Saturday Supper:

Puerco Pibil with Steamed White Rice
Veggie Pizza
Deviled Eggs
Angelic Biscuits

Sunday Breakfast:

Angelic Biscuits
Fruit Salad
Easter Eggs

Sunday Dinner:

Prime Rib
Creamed Corn
Fresh Vegetable Salad
Angelic Biscuits


‘Booze’ Cake


Tex-Mex Corn Dip
& whatever else the 'youngsters' think of!

Many of the foods are our own tradition and 'required.'  Others are recipes that just sound yummy - tried and true.

I've got to go get my cobalt clay pots out of the garage.  The warm sun and the pansies are calling me!  Or maybe I'll just sit out in the sun and soak all of its warm joy in. 

Sun = Spring = Easter = Happy ksyardbird.

Aaah. . . Easter.  Wonderful Easter.  I LOVE Spring! 

And yes, no worries, recipes are coming.  Which one first?  Hmmm.

 Have a sunshine-filled pansy kind of day ~

 Robin Z

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