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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glitz, Glitter, and Glue


Okay. . . So I'm a little early.  I LOVE Easter.  It's my second favorite holiday.  Seriously.  No. . . Christmas is not my favorite.  I mean, Christmas is cool and all because you have a great excuse to 'refeather your nest' and see all kinds of family and give out (and get) nifty presents.  But, it's cold.  I don't like cold.  Winter?  BAH!. 

Fourth of July's pretty sweet because you get to play with fire.  What's there not to like?  Valentine's Day is special because. . . well, all of FTD's advertising on TV reminds Hubster to send me flowers;-).  It just goes without say that Mother's Day and Father's Day are pretty neat.  But nope.  NONE of those are my favorite.  Can you guess?

While you're thinking.  Let me show you the little Easter postcard invitations I made.  Oh, BTW:  Spoiler Alert!  If you're family who gets a little invite from me each year. . . well. . . these pictures may very well show your Easter-vite.  No worries, though.  Each and every single one is different, like Easter Eggs, no duplicates at all.  I LOVE that!

What I don't love is how hard it seems to be to find good heavy cardstock that's also a nice color.  Working on that. . . Until then, my cards tend to come out not as perfect as I like.  Honestly?  It totally borders on frustrating.  They tend to warp around and most disappoint me.  I buy the special scrapbooking glue and use as little as possible.  I put them under heavy books while the glue dries. . . and keep them there for hours and days (well, not quite days).  I don't know.  But I will persevere and figure this out!

In the meantime, I like picking out all of the interesting papers - there are so many to choose from.  I'm a real sucker when it comes to 'matching' and 'blending' things. . . so that includes scrapbook papers, fabric, clothes, curtains. . . .you're getting the idea.  Oh, yeah - dishes like I blogged a couple days ago.  When things go together it creates harmony in my heart and puts my mind at ease.  Weird, I know.  Cut me some slack, eh?  Speaking of cut - that's what happened to my papers and there's all that's left. . . I done good, eh?

Oooh- and my neat-o paper punches. . . All those different little shapes.  Sometimes I make the hole as the focal point. . . and other times I use the little cut out piece.  No matter which way you look at it - the 'hole' makes my creative muddling 'whole.'  Sorry.  That was bad.  Couldn't help myself.
And did I mention GLITTER?  Who does NOT love glitter?  Seriously.  Do you know anyone that doesn't love glitter?  I can't say that I have.  And I bought a lovely set of glitters. . . lots and lots of glitters. . . all different and beautiful colors of glitter in nifty little containers.  Oh, sweetness!  Glittery sweetness!  Aren't they beautiful?  It is hard to restrain myself from covering each and every card with glitter.  A little bit will do.  How is that saying?  "Less is More."  I think that's right on when it comes to glitter.  Darn it!

So, my original plans were to have these little beauties done and in the mail on Monday. . . but, we learned on Friday that there was a chance Hubster was going to have to leave for a business trip on that Easter Sunday.  I was floored.  Who dared to stomp on my second favorite holiday.  Considering who Hubster works for, I quickly backed down.  You just don't argue with the USDA.  No sirreebob.  So there went the whole weekend's itinerary for me.  Not all of it - but I knew it was going to set me back. 

I wanted to print on the one side of the cardstock and then decorate the other side.  I had already printed out the mailing labels, attached them to the envelopes and stamped the envelopes.  The card stock was cut and ready.  I was now just waiting to see if I needed to print:  "You're Invited"  or "The Feds are Stupid - Stay Home."

Finally, Monday afternoon we got word that the dates were changed and Hubster doesn't leave until the Monday after Easter.  At least somebody in Washington D.C. has got it going on, eh?

And so into production mode I went. . Print-print-print.  Cut-cut, punch-punch, glue - PRESS!  That was Monday night.  Last night was 'glitter-glitter, glue-glue, dry. . . PRESS!  And this morning was Stuff Those Envelopes and seal with little shiny egg-stickers.  I wish my photos showed the glittery glitter-works on the cards.  Oh well.  You'll just have to take my word for it - they are sparkly!  The bunny tails. . . the flower centers. . . all sparkly.  Dazzling - no doubt.  And you can just barely make out the 'HOP' top edge punch - see it on some of the yellow-backed cards?  I also used the 'cut out' in white and. . . .made it sparkly too.

HOORAY for Easter!

Oh, still trying to figure out my favorite holiday?  Memorial Day, of course!  That's my Birthday;-)  Or at least it falls within four days of it every single year.  Pretty cool, huh?

Have a Glittery kind of day!

Robin Z

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