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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short. Sweet. Simple.

Challenge:  keep this short.  Seriously - you've read some of my blogs. . . .not easy.  I do promise a pretty 'sweet' surprise at the end of this blog.

Dreary outside.  Laundry rolling inside. 
Flowers from yesterday still looking gorgeous. 

Dogs snoozing in the office. 
J-son bowling.  Hubster still South. 
Enjoying a tasty homemade frappucino - thanks J-son! 

Good day shopping and spending time with J-kids yesterday.  Recovering today.  Loving some new dishes.  Easter baskets for J-kids all planned, everything bought, just waiting for Easter Bunny.  Great variety of coffees bought for Hubster.  New quilt and shams for my bed look so lovely!  J-girl got a lovely spring-y Easter outfit - skirt, tank, cardigan, flip-flops.  J-boy has shorts and a T-shirt - we're still looking for The Right Flip-Flops.

Embroidery machine beckoning to me.

And - here's the surprise. . . . TA-DA! 

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Have a cherryful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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