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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dog Days of Summer - Already?


Got your attention, didn't it.  No. . . Not the dog days of summer - but if you were a dog you could just call your entire life dog days.  At least mine could. . . Check out Jaz and Zayda the Wonder-Vizslas.

Yup.  Tough being a dog, eh?  Here I am at my computer in my studio/office slaving away typing and answering the phone and checking e-mail and doing internet searches.  And there they are Right By My Side.  Yeah - asleep.  Wonder if I could teach one of them to type?  Hehehehe.  Doubt it.

Zayda can do some amazing tricks though.  Come over some time and play some 'militant' fetch with her.  She will wear you out - no doubt!

She can jump amazingly high and catch a ball or frisbee or. . . whatever you toss her way. 

She also takes a bow - so cute! And yes, she does the 'normal' stuff - sit, down, roll over, shake, come, stay, wait, go see, find it. And rings a bell when she wants to go outside.

What does Jaz do?  Watches just like in the photo.  No catching.  Some fetching.  Not really any bowing.  Shaking paws is a bit iffy, but he does just about everything else - and hunt upland bird like he's really supposed to.  None of that for Zayda.  Jaz is also better at looking all cute with his stupid eyes.

I mean - seriously. . . Look at how intelligent Zayda looks. . . now look at Jaz again.  You see what I'm talking about?

And Zayda sits on steps (and tables) nicer. . . .

But, in the end,  dog days or not. . . they are definitely man dog's best friend.

Have a Dog's Day kind of day ~

Robin Z

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