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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Musings. . .

So what have I been up to since sharing my list of 'things to do' on Friday?  Well. . . the usual - cooking, cleaning, eating, gardening. . . and waiting for my J-girl daughter to come home to celebrate my Birthday!

I did attempt to find candles for my giant candle holder/ vases.  No go, yet, but I won't give up.  But while out searching, I found a beautiful frame for J-boy's golf photo, a cool little blue-green ceramic bird,

a little glass framed vintage looking wall-hangy-trinket-thingy (see it on the left, there?),

two gorgeous clay birdies. . . don't they look nifty on top of my armoire?  They actually blend with my pretty little turquoise pitcher better than it shows in the picture.

an area rug for the bedroom,

some *surprises* for J-girl and her friends,  clearance jewelry pieces to re-purpose into different creations,

and a strawberry-lemonade chilller from Dairy Queen.  But no candles.  Can you believe it?  I'll keep looking. . .

I'll have a couple of recipes to share a little later this week and some photos of the gardens with their new flowers and coleuses and without quite so many weeds - pretty impressive!   Just check out all these different kinds and varieties of coleuses - aren't they awesome!?!

And while outside playing in the gardens, I raked around the doggy-displaced bark chips in my 'landscaped' areas of the yard - looking pretty nifty! 

We had a tasty dinner of beef (leftover prime rib from Easter dinner that's been resting comfortably in its own au jois in the freezer) and (fresh-homemade) noodles, with carrots over mashed potatoes.  YUM!

And now I'm settling in to watch one of my favorite TV shows and make a bracelet for J-girl.  Time to wind down. . . Tomorrow's my Birthday and I've got to get rested up for the Big Day.  Wonder what's in those presents????  And what should I have Hubster fix for supper?  Hmmm. . . gonna be a good GREAT day!

Have a musing kind of day ~

Robin Z

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