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Monday, May 17, 2010

Searching. . .

So - where's the sun?  It's been days.  I mean, I've lived in this area long enough to realize we have a time of year called 'rainy season', but, seriously, can't the sun shine while it's raining?

And somebody really needs to climb up that tree and take care of that dead limb.  Maybe when the sun shines, eh?

At least there are some birds at the feeders - this one in particular.  Have no idea why - I have several in the yard, all the same, all with the same seed.  But they all congregate to that one.  Anybody know bird psychology?

Now. . . can you find the squirrels?

Give up?  Here's one.

And another:

And the smartest one of them all:

That was easy. . . and fun.  Too bad there isn't a 'sun feeder'.  I mean, I just set out some corn and peanuts and the squirrels show up.  Hang up some bird feeders filled with sunflower seeds and they flock to it.  Maybe the smell of sunscreen and margaritas would bring the sun around?  Hmmmm. . . .Worth a try, wouldn't you say?   

Have a bright kind of day ~

Robin Z

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