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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interrupting this Boring Life. . .

So what have I been up to, you want to know?

Well. . . . I've been eating leftovers (Oh no!  Don't feel sorry for me. . . Are you kidding?  Kindly refer to the menu on the right side of the page) and watching the weather radar as it rains. . . .Boring, no?  Actually,  not really.  Don't get the wrong idea - my life is NOT boring.   Nope.  Not one iota.

I get to feed the dogs.  I get to change the kitty littlerbox.  I get to wash laundry.  Hang up laundry.  Fold laundry. Put away laundry.  I have the honor of being the Royal Duster and Vacuum Master.  OH!  And the joy of tub scrubbing and toilet bowl cleaning.  And the mopping???  Oh - be still my heart!

And then there's W-O-R-K.  Let's not talk about that - okay?  I simply don't know what to say.  It's all good. . . Just leaves me speechless.  Gives me something to do, you say?  Please refer to previous paragraph. . . Do I really NEED to be told how I do nothing so thus I must have a 'real job'?  Nah.  I didn't think you meant it.

Honestly, my life is NOT boring!  I get to take photographs of pretty much whatever catches my fancy.  I get to make jewelry and embroider and sew!  I get to decorate!  I get to garden and plant flowers.  I also get to shop for Necessities to support each of those activities.  (Shopping - hooray!!!!)

Speaking of shopping and jewelry. . . Be sure to watch my Etsy shop for quite a few more new items being listed over the weekend.  During the month of May, before you pay - tell me that you read about 'ksyardbird' (shop) on 'ksyardbird' (blog) via Etsy, Facebook, Blogspot, or direct e-mail and I'll deduct the shipping charges from your total.  How cool is that? 

So now, I know you are wondering, what is Robin Z's favorite thing to do of all?  My favorite thing to do is spending time with my Hubster, J-girl, and J-boy.   On that note, we're fortunate there's such a thing as food - something we all have in common.  Cooking and eating - two of this earth's finest joys, wouldn't you say?  I know we would!  Say it, that is.  Every recipe over there in that menu have been created, eaten, and shared with plenty of love.  And there is so much more to cook, eat, and share.  Life is totally NOT boring when creating recipes, planning meals, and, more importantly, sharing that time with my family.

But cleaning the house?  Ugh!

Stay tuned for Foodie Friday. . . . Manicotti, anyone?

Have a lovely kind of day ~

Robin Z

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