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Friday, May 21, 2010

So Many Things - So Little Time!

Every day I wake up and try to decide what to do first?  What should be on my list for the day.  I mean. . .besides the normal work-work in the office, and housework and the rest of the 'boring' stuff that fills a person's day.  But I mean stuff that truly needs to get done or you want to get done and would get done if you didn't have to get all those mundane things done every single day.

So what's on my list?

Buying some awesome giant pillar candles for my candle 'sticks.' Putting felt on the bottom of my giant ceramic fish and filling it with seashells.

Finishing those two quilts. . . starting a new one.  Altering that button-down and those jeans. Re-covering the bench in my bedroom.  Bringing to life all the jewelry and home-decorating design ideas popping around in my head - and locating the various components (I do LOVE to shop!).  Re-covering the seat of that antique sewing chair - and making a pillow for it. Refinishing that little sewing cabinet too.

Taking jewelry making, wood working, and basket weaving classes.  Taking voice lessons.

Getting photos from the last year or so into a photo album. . . and sending the 100's stored on my hard drive off to be 'developed' to be put into the photo album.

Planning the new patio layout.  Designing the (hopefully) garden shed.  Brainstorming decorating ideas for the two bathrooms.  Helping Hubster finish 'remodeling' Manland (aka the second floor of our garage). 

Adding new jewelry in the ksyardbird store on Etsy.  Listing items on E-bay.  Checking out the new consignment shop downtown.

Manicuring the flower gardens.  Fixing the dog-destroyed landscape areas in the backyard. 

Hosing off the back porch and patio (I really DISLIKE rainy season!).  Locating and installing a doggie-gate across the back porch (maybe the whole patio!)

Shampooing carpets.  Mopping the kitchen.  Washing walls (ugh!).  Organizing the third-story closet.   Cleaning the basement.  Packing the winter coats and gear away until next year.

Finding a daybed for the third-story guest room.  Buying a futon for J-boy's room.  Ordering a new cordless phone/answering system.  Ordering spices from The Spice House.  Returning the wrong shoes that Nordstrom's sent.  Ordering the right ones.

Watching the movie that came from Netflix last week.  Making all those recipes in the 'should try' folder.Finishing the book I'm reading - and. . .reading ALL those books that I've been wanting to read.  Catching up on all the back issues of my magazines. 

Backing up this computer.  Signing and filing those important documents.  *Really* purging the filing cabinets (and my dresser and the basement and the garage and the closets and trunks).

Preparing for Memorial Day weekend's festivities - including my Birthday party on Saturday (come on by!) and the CQ Blues Fest on Sunday (you're going to be there, aren't you?).

Taking time to really enjoy the company of my family & friends.  Smelling the roses (and photographing them).  Playing fetch with the dogs. 

Soaking up the warmth of the sun (when it shines) and letting the rain condition my hair (when it doesn't).  Telling the special people in my world exactly how very much I'm glad they are in my world - and showing my appreciation.
I better get started!  What to do first?  Hmmmm. . . . take a nap?  Have a beer?

HA!  Just kidding.  Guess the first order of business is to prioritize what *needs* to be done from what *should* be done with what I would *like* to get done. . . ACK!  ACK!  ACK!!?!?!  I don't think so.  I'm just going to tackle each thing as the inspiration strikes and time allows.

I showed you my list - what's on yours?

Have a 'checking-it-off-the-list' kind of day ~

Robin Z

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