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Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Musings. . .

We have had the most lovely of springs. . . rain here and there and some hurricane-force winds on occasion, but, overall, bright sunny and warm days. Perfect. There has been more than one day over the past couple of weeks when I have moved my office outside. Look at that view!

Distracting? Yes, perhaps. But better than sitting inside and gazing longingly out my window from my desk.

Now *that's* unmotivating AND unproductive!  Especially when the cat tree is cat free. 

 The kitties do enjoy the open windows - they get right in there, lean up against the screens, and intently watch. A new form of interactive TV for them, I imagine. We did have a few issues with Frazer for awhile where he would make his way outside if the back door was opened. He would stand at the ready with the dogs and dash out as though he were one of them. If his escape was 'thwarted' he walk through the house YEOWLING most disturbedly. I am glad he has come to grips with his feline self and now makes it his duty to investigate each window as it is opened instead of trying to break out. . . Fritzie would just look at him like he was nuts. Typical sisterly response, no?

I've got all of the bird feeders hung and full of tasty (to the birds) seed. The bird baths are full of fresh water. And I even have the hummingbird feeders filled and waiting. . . Just not as many birds this year as other years. Many people have said this and I just keep hoping they are wrong. One theory involves the most necessary mosquito-controlling spray the city used last summer. I'll keep the feeders and baths full and waiting. They WILL come! Blue Jays, cardinals, robins, sparrows, finch, woodpeckers - they'll all come back. I know it!

The squirrels are out in force in the yard. Seems we have three that have taken up residence. I LOVE that! They visit the feeders infrequently as they are quite focused on digging up all the walnuts they've buried in the yard. . . and planters. . . and landscape bark. They just scurry around with such purpose - chase each other around and around the big ol' walnut tree outside my window. Then it's a leeeeeap and they're on the house scrambling across the roof and another leeeeap onto the garage, then a power line and into a tree across the alley.                                  
It's great entertainment for the dogs too. Squirrel chasing - does it get any better than that?   And the cats perch in the windows and watch. Entertainment for everyone!

I've got our wee-garden planted- yet another collection of pots!  Thank goodness I've got piles of them!

And the herbs in the barrels on the back patio have already been put to good use:-)

Now.   Those flower beds are a whole other story.

They were rough from the harsh winter and idiot (I say that with most affection. . . sort of) dogs.  They especially look a little worse for wear now that the jonquils have all tucked in for their naps. I'm just not sure where to begin. . . such a couple of wild little patches. I've got wild onions that just won't stop! I pull and pull and more pop up - it's craziness! And the vinca-minor and violas run amok creating even more chaos. The daylilies can't seem to keep to themselves and the tulip tree stands so proudly - a beacon of sanity amidst the mess.
I've been missing my peonies

 and fragrant irises

from our Northwestern Kansas Years. . .  I'm thinking this just may be the year for their enmass return to my gardens. Now, to make it happen! I can just imagine their glory come next spring. What a beautiful view to look forward to.  Anybody have some extras in their garden that they're willing to share needing to thin out?  BTW - I'm a good digger;-)
Spring seems to be the right term to describe how I feel right now - Springing Into Action, so to speak. I feel pulled in so many different wonderful directions - I just don't know which way to turn first. So as I'm spinning uncontrollably, I do my best to slow down and enjoy the view. . .

Have a SUNtastic kind of day ~

Robin Z

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  1. I will take the winds as long as they come with the sun, even though that means crap will fly into my beer while I sit outside and drink it. But I can handle that. I am tough.