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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dishes, Dishes, Dishes

The hardest thing I've ever done?!?!?! No. . . well. . . maybe. . . can't be. Shouldn't be. Well, it is!
Looking for dinner plates to go with my dishes. That's all. Those birdy dishes I showed you in a previous post started something. They inspired me to get all of my dinnerware coordinated and updated. You can just get a glimpse of my square luncheon plates in a milky cream stoneware with a 'beaded edge' under one of the bird plates. This shouldn't be too hard. No, not at all.

I decided I liked the creamy white color and it would coordinate very well with just about any color or holiday dish set I wanted to mix in. So while spring-breaking, I acquired pasta bowls, cereal bowls (had a few already, added some that have a very similar 'beaded' design around the rim that matches my Anchor Hocking Elise glassware perfectly), and custard bowls all in that same milky white. Found them at a couple different stores and they really are very friendly with each other - as well as with the birdy plates.

It's past time now to decide on and find some dinner sized plates. I also wouldn't mind a few more pasta bowls and cereal bowls that directly match the dinner plates. I currently have six milky-colored ones of each and I'm going for 12-place settings. Would like a few more custards too.

Color? Pattern? Well. . . I was thinking about cobalt or turquoise Fiestaware. J-boy is voting for the Fiestaware - in ALL colors. I'm not so sure about that idea either. I thought maybe something with a beaded edge like my square luncheon plates would be pretty nifty. Found some great ones with the 'beading' - available in a pretty blue, yellow, or green. . . not the colors I'm wanting.

I also entertained the idea of going with a 'bottle-green' clear plate.  That would add subtle color to the set, but is that just too 'off'?  Hmm. . .

But look what I did find: 

 - I LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! Can't you just see it with the black and white birdy pieces - and the creamy beaded edged and plain edged plates and bowls. Oh - what a vision! But it's so incredibly pricey! Honestly - it's got the colors, the design, and so many coordinating pieces. Sigh. . . Who knew it was going to be so stressful to find something to eat off of???

Also looking for a set of spring-y Easter-y dishes that aren't all cutesy flowery and over the top cheesy. The Chirp Collection fits that bill, eh? There are even Christmas Chirp pieces. . .

The temptation is overwhelming and the bank account - not so much.

Sigh.  What to do?  What to do?

Next up - tableware.  Where do all the forks and spoons go, anyway?

Have a dishy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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