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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have a good day - the GREEN way!

Putting GREEN food coloring in the water for my cut hydrangea. Yup. That was the white one from Easter. It's turning a lovely shade of green with dark blue little eyes.  Pretty!  Thank you J-girl:-)

Lighting seven GREEN candles.

Wearing a GREEN sweater

Picking out GREEN paint for Manland (now that's a topic best saved for later. . . )

Drinking a moscato di asti wine from a GREEN bottle.
Eating fresh GREEN broccoli (in a chicken casserole) for supper.

Sorting through my pot collection to plant my GREEN pepper and tomato plants (if I just had remembered to get potting soil. . . ).

Planting a rosebush among all the GREEN plants in the flower bed. Yeah. . . It was pretty dark and I was muddy by the time the job was done. No pic for that one:-)

Watched J-boy 'slice' chunks of GREEN grass with his golf club.

Using an energy saving light bulb in my GREEN task lamp.

Eating ice cream in a green bowl.

Have a GREEN kind of day ~

Robin Z

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