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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wiiiiiindy Wednesday ~

Google may just have to change our position on their maps.  Yes.  It's that windy.  The first warm and sunny day we've had in awhile and wind has insisted on joining in.

Had plans to get my pepper and tomato plants in their pot-homes as I finallly have plenty of potting soil.  But it's just too windy to do anything like that.  Crossing my fingers for tomorrow. 

They are *ready* to put down roots
and give us lots and lots of fruits! 

Did you like how that rhymed?  I know a tomato is called a fruit - anybody know about peppers?

Photos of my latest dining room centerpiece:

The three jars came from an auction (I LOVE old jars!!).  One's a soft green, another's blue-green, and the other is clear.  Aren't they awesome!  The feathers have been collected in the area, the eggs are not real (but close enough - ha!), and the middle jar is full of acorns from a small recreation lake right outside of town.  I'd actually prefer to have a birds nest in that one -but can't seem to find one that can manage the small mouth opening of the jar.  I will keep looking.  The acorns are pretty cool though.

I just found those vases on a clearance sale last weekend. . . kind of wishing I would have bought a couple -three more.  Aren't they neat?  Turn them over and they're perfect pillar candle holders.  OR - you can set a votive cup in the top and it'll sit on an inside ridge.  I thought they needed to host flowers as their first job in my house.  I was instantly attracted to them as they are a wonderful 'bottle-green'.   The roses are the prettiest of peachy-pink and have these ruffly edges.  So petite and girly. . . such a contrast with the 'heaviness' of the vases.

And then there's Frazer and Fritzie 'living it up' in the bathroom. . . Again.  Frazer has decided that the towels are there for his amusement and comfort.  Funny guy-cat!

Fritzie is such a good girl-kitty.  She just rises above the situation and watches from 'on high.'  Yeah.  Right.

Here's what the towels SHOULD look like:

Have a Warm-&-Fuzzy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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