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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Flower-Power Hookie Report

Yup.  Making a public announcement here (are you reading this one, boss?).  I PLAYED HOOKIE YESTERDAY!  And was it ever fun!

Good music on the radio, warm sun in the sky, and petal. . . ummmm. . . pedal to the metal all the way to Leroy, Kansas to a little (not so much) place called Arnold's Greenhouse.  This is a trip that was delayed for entirely too long and now I can't wait to go back!  Not sure why I never trekked the 45 minutes before.  Is an easy drive on good roads and most definitely worth the trip.

I took lots of pics of the trip (No.  I don't text and drive - that's too dangerous!) and the outside of the garden center.  Come with me!

Heading north on Hwy 75.  Never did pass that trucker. . . Was too busy enjoying the music and the view.

Beautiful, colorful Springtime Southeast Kansas Roadsides.

I'm here!  Arnold's Greenhouse just west of Leroy, Kansas.  (Yes.  That's a tiny kids' Keds shoe in the right hand side of the photo.  No, no kid has ever worn them.  They've been hanging from whatever-vehicle-I-own's mirror for at least 15 years.  Don't ask me why.  I just like them.  Focus on the Greenhouse, willya?)
The Entrance

Heading toward the back of the span of greenhouses. . .

And still going. . . .

And then there are all the trees and shrubs!

Bye-bye Flowers. . .

Bye-bye Arnold's Greenhouse.

On the road again - heading East on Hwy 58.

And heeeere's Leroy, Kansas!

You were wanting to see flowers, weren't you?  Don't be too disappointed - the photos just didn't work out inside the greenhouse itself.  Let's just call it the candy-store for gardeners.  Not only were there flowers - but herbs, and vegetables, and shrubs, and trees - just about anything you could want.  Click here to see Arnold's current catalog

I'm hoping to be there on a day when they have the retractable greenhouse roof retracted. . . wouldn't that be awesome?  I'm also excited about the various classes they offer and am planning on participating in a couple of them - if there is still space available in the class.  The Hyperturfa Pots really intrigue me.  I am sorry I missed out on the Mosaic Birdbath Bowl class. . . . maybe next year.  HEY!  Wanna join me in the Soap-Making class?  Let's do it!

So, what exactly did I come home with?  Well. . . hopefully just about enough for two barrels, six hanging baskets, and a random veggie-pot or two. 

Pics will be shared when everything is in its place.  There's fuschia in there, and petunias (how about a lime-stripe color?), some interesting coleuses, a few ivies and a couple vines.  Also picked up some peppermint, oregano, and rosemary.  Tucked in there somewhere are some jalepenos, mini-red peppers, 'chocolate' peppers, and a grape tomato plant. 

I can't wait to get everything planted and make another trip to explore more of what Arnold's Greenhouse has to offer.

Thinking I just may play hookie again this afternoon. . . . .

Have a blooming kind of day ~

Robin Z

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  1. Hi, this looks a wonderful place. Good luck with your plantings, it's too early here in England to plant things like petunia's outdoors.