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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh! My head!

Oooh. . . the pain of it all.  Why??

Head feels like it is an over-inflated basketball in a vice.  Squeeze. . . tap-tap-tap on the right temple then squeeeeeze.  Isn't that a western line dance?

Vision is blurry like I'm looking at things underwater.  Which, actually, I would *never-ever* do.  Go underwater OR open my eyes underwater.  Not happening!

Ears ringing ringing ringing.  Out of tune, I might add.

Stomach feels like a little kids firefly jar on a July night - flutter flutter flutter.

And so incredibly pass-out sleepy.

Unusual?  Nope.  Have I tried any pain medications?  Seriously?  You have to ask?!?  Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, shot of Jack Daniels . . all have been tried.  Nothing touches it.

So what causes these pains above the neck?  I wish I knew because I would be sure to avoid it!
Hard to stay on task - feel like my head needs a kickstand.  Or a cracked egg. . . Wishing for a restart button right about now.  I mean, this has got to be a hardware-software conflict. . . . maybe there's a fix or an update or something???

I know, I know.  I should go visit my friendly all-knowing doctor.  Really.  I should.  But I have no doubt the appointment would be when I'm NOT feeling like I belong in a Harlem Globetrotter's dream nightmare.  Stupid excuse.  I know.  Let me have it for today, willya?

The good news?  This headache typically only lasts about a day - then its just 'dullsville' for a couple days.  That's where my head feels like a freshly turned plot of dirt ready to have peas and carrots planted.  Just dull.  No life.  Flat.  With rows.

So - misery loves company.  Tell me about your worst headache and your best pain reliever.

Have a pain-free day ~

Robin Z

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