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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nesting Part 2. . . Around the House

Ready for a mini-staccato tour of all the nesty-things I have around the house.?

 Now, mind you - this isn't everything 'birdy'.  I still haven't traded out some of my Easter-y things for my 'normal' summer-fall decorations.  But my nests go from Easter to Summer to Christmas with a simple flick of a fuzzy chick or a piece of star garland at the ready.  HA!

Let's start at the front door.  Now, the egg wreath in the middle is replaced with a vintagey-Christmas one during winter.  I do adore the subtle green, blue, cream, and tan speckled hued eggs.  Wish it would have shown better in this photos.  But it's quite striking against my navy door with the deep green evergreen wreath around it.   Kind of sets the stage for my favorite colors inside the house - Welcome!

I tried to make a similar wreath several years ago before I found this one.  The hardest part was finding the 'eggs' - and the wreath, well. . . it was good - but just not as cute as this one. 

As you walk into the house you'll see the piano's vignette with J-daughter's Nesty artwork she made for me.  Isn't it lovely and perfect?  Goes wonderfully with the wood-carved robin J-son gave me, the vintage mirror (can you my 'better-half' reflecting??), old-old-antique handmade toy horse, robin's egg blue candlestick (from one of my favorite gift shops - The Feathered Nest), and my glass-door-knobs-on-tin plaques.  I really LOVE this wall!  Oh, that's a sorta glimmery deep blue garland strewn through it all on the piano top.  I have a string lights threaded through it - glows so pretty at night.

Come on in, have a seat on the comfy couch to rest a spell and have a good visit.  Behind and to the side of the curved couch, you'll see a nifty stack of shelves  (watch for more photos in another blog).  On one of those shelves you will see a Nest-Under-Glass.  Isn't that the coolest?  Went to this estate sale. . . pulled up, didn't look like there would be much but went inside anyway.  Holy Treasure Trove!  I found so many nifty things - it was great!  Anyway, Many things have been displayed in this 'case' - but the nest has been there the longest.  When you see how the rest of the shelves are 'merchandised' you'll understand why.  Let's just say it's pretty birdy - and I LOVE it.  How's that for a teaser??

Shall we go upstairs to my office / studio?  I think you may have already seen this one in a past Easter post - but hey!  It's another of my Nifty Nests.  I really think it's cute how Jilamy the Duck seems to be bragging (loudly) about her eggs, don't you?  I have several of these ducks tucked around the house - a pair of turquoise colored ones on the shelf above Jilamy, a neat white one and bottle-green one in the bathroom and several beautiful yellow ones on the third floor landing.  I really do miss the gift shop where I purchased these.  I think they are so fun and would love to collect a few more:-)

In the bedroom on the armoire.

"We all have
Soar as high
as you can."

A great thing to see every morning when preparing for the day - found that at The Feathered Nest too.  Bought the vintage pitcher at an antique store in Western Kansas.  Was a little pricey. . . I saw it - went by it.  Came back and looked at it.  The went on.  Returned to it, checked the price and left to look at other things.  Finally just went back and took it to the counter to pay for it.  The little golden jewelry box is from Hubster's Grandma - isn't it special?  And remember that estate sale where I bought the  glass 'case'?  The roundish handblown candle holder was found there too.

Over on the bureau. J-daughter gave me the neat postcard box.  It really looks like a postcard!  The kiddos and I were shopping together - I saw it and thought it was such an interesting piece - but didn't pick it up.  I did find it odd when my two kiddos seemed to team up - then divide and 'conquer' to scheme me out of that store.  So funny!  The little nest-box is designed by Marjolie Bastin and so delicate in its bone china colors.  The large elongated bowl is another beautiful item from Hubster's Grandma.

And above the bed - that's a wood-framed glass insert for an old-old door - isn't that something with the tapestry behind it?  I've used that same fabric to make a pillowcase for a body pillow.  My dear friend from The Feathered Nest started it all by gifting me the matching blanket-throw and pillow from her shop.

And finally, let's trot on up to the guest room on the third floor - it's a birdy-haven!  Nesting is the keyword.

Not 'nesty' - but do you see the brown bottle and little cream colored deer on the built-in shelf?  J-daughter made those.  Yup.  I'm a pretty proud Mom of such a talented artist!  Wonder where she gets it??  hmmm.  The sticks are from our walnut tree in the backyard and I found the frame at a hobby store.  I was going to put a photo in it - but I think I like it just the way it is.  You can also see a few old juvenile books from my collection.

What do you think of my little birdy-under glass?  Came across both those nifty trinkets a gift shop in Independence, Kansas.  I actually had not intended to put them together like that (they were sold seperately), but put them together to carry around the store and liked it.  Seriously looks like the bird and the stemmed nest were made for each other.  The little wheeled nest full of eggs was given to me by a very special friend in Western Kansas.  So sweet.
Tomorrow - I played hookie earlier today. . . . and I've got pictures to prove it!  Be sure to check them out.  Was a fun adventure!

Have a nestful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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